8 Fun Party Templates for Wedding

The use of plaquinhas in ceremonies and wedding parties is becoming more common. They make the environment even more fun and full of grace. Depending on the theme of your wedding, some need to be standardized and come out of the common “Here Comes the Bride” or “Marriage of Mary and John”.

If what you want are inspirations for your party cards, you can not fail to see and be inspired by the 8 tips that you will find below.

1 – Plaques For Page And Girls

Until some time ago the page and the little girl entered the wedding parties only with the rings . Today you can see more relaxed and charming ceremonies. As you can see in the image below, the two dared with fun and different signs. You can also do the same in your party, but remember that the important thing is to have the differential.

2 – Plaquinhas De “I Will Not Remember Any Of This Tomorrow”

It’s not every day that you have a wedding party to enjoy much less, it’s not every day you home, is not it? So on this day both the bride and groom wants to enjoy the party, but there is always one who does not control the drinks.

3 – Plaquinhas For The Bride And Groom!

Grooms are also entitled to fun and special inserts. The one in the photo was actually smart and somewhat economical. The couple uses a completely manual work on thicker paper and painted with chalk.

The phrase was also written to the fist, giving that little pinch of delicacy. Both on the wedding cards and the guests, you can adopt this technique.

4 – Plaques For Singles On Duty

Both the bride and groom have friends who are single singles but who do not miss a celebration in the name of friendship.

It is also possible to make a series of themed plaques for this group, as shown in the image below. The phrases need to be very humorous and you do not even need so many accoutrements to make them interesting. Certainly the bachelors will love the novelty.

5 – Tablecloths

The image below shows some printed plaques, but they have a slate-like look with a wooden frame and the letters made to chalk.

We call them boteco because they are very similar to the plates that are in the doors of this type of establishment, where you find the dishes of the day. If you want to invest a little more, use real and standard slates for the party. So your guests can change the decoration tablecloth according to the taste of each one.

6 – Simple But Funny Little Plaques

It is not every couple that has a budget aimed at investing in the party cards. As it is practically impossible not to find them in this type of event, you can make arts simple. No need to leave some good laughs, generated by the little plaques, outside the party. Remember that phrase is what makes it special. See some models.

7 – Playing A Little Bit More

Jokes with the bride and groom are never too much at wedding parties. The plaques below are basically made for women. You can laugh a lot and surely you already imagined doing pose with some of them.

8 – Good Vibes

There are those notions that do not dispense with good vibes. So how about handing out your invitees with encouraging messages? See the image below and be inspired!

It is important to remember that you can not leave aside the caution with the signs of your marriage. Choose a role that will stand up to the entire party and enjoy the moment!