6.20 Instagram for Android: Three New Filters and Emojis in Hashtags

Through the official blog of Instagram know what is new in the latest version of its application for mobile and tablets with Android. In his version 6.20 that began has reached a few days everyone added three new filters with the support of the emojis in hashtags.

Since December last year failed new filters to Instagram. With this new version we can now enjoy the filters Lark, Reyes and Juno.. Filter Lark desatura reds promoting blues and Greens, perfect for landscapes. Kings filter adds a layer of dust our photos to give you a vintage touch. Finally, Juno filter stained green in cold tones green while to offer more brighter white and warm shades, perfect for photos of people.

Another novelty of Instagram 6.20 for Android is that we can now create hashtags with emojis as your normal text out. Yes we can express with emojis sensations our photos and videos, as well as discover photos and videos of more users, which have been described by the same emoji.