5 Ways to Use Your Basic Sweater Fashion

  1. Hello fashionásticas! The subject today is with you.
  2. Winter in full swing (or drizzle, hahaha) and we always get that famous dilemma of every year, “I have no warm clothes” or “I have some jackets here but are so dull” or that “Oh, also have coats here but I don’t know how to use”.
  3. If you are one of those that has this jacket or even an old sweater and smell like guardado, can now get the guardarroupa and get him to get a Tan in the morning because I’m sure that after this post of inpiração with sweater , you’ll want to test all these looks.

Let the ideas!

1.    1. SWEATER + shirt:

  1. Who at home have a shirt not tucked away. That manchadinha, the one who doesn’t want to use because you think it’s more formal or one that is only used when you have a job interview.
  2. This look is for you. Can be used in various situations, an interview to pop out with the boy in the movie. How about?


Have you ever heard of Oversized Sweater?

It’s super big one coat or giant. It may be that old coat of boy. How well great you can use enough accessories to make the look more feminine and take the aspect of “I’m start”.

Looks good with various types and cuts of jeans and even skirts.

1.    3. HOW SWEATER dress:

It’s cold and you want to wear a dress. Have you ever thought about wearing the sweater super big one (seen above) how to dress?

Looks pretty cool, modern and, combined with other pieces, is elegant.

1.    4. SWEATER + SKIRT

You think only sweater combines with pants? Not even.

Oversized sweater, lisa, stamped, heavy, light, colorful … all combine. And you know the coolest? She also combines with ALL KINDS of leave also.

1.    5. SWEATER + JACKET:

For being a democratic piece, the sweater looks great with all types of jacket. In the looks selected two favorites of winter, the rocker jacket and jeans.

This footprint of sweater + jacket can leave your look so casual, stripped and sporty, chic, modern and as fashionista.

This was the post well and completinho with my tips that I use frequently. Leave us comments which looks that you will test. If they are posting, mark #LFInspira to you appear here. I will love!