5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Son

Being a mother and father is a complicated task, parents have the difficult task of giving children and education and the tools for them to develop their personality as individuals.

5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Son

It is not always easy to find the right formula, even because it does not exist. The education of a child is the responsibility of the parents and always starts at home, children are the reflection of the behavior of the father.

Being an example is the best way to educate your child, and over time you will wonder about how you acted on a particular occasion, the important thing is to try to always act in the best way.

Words are often stronger than any gesture, mindful of what you say to your child.

5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Son


A lie today, a lie tomorrow, a lie forever. Ideally, always tell the truth to your child, regardless of age. Lying to children, even a simple lie like “eat that’s good” or “will not hurt” can make your child lose confidence in their words and be afraid to try new things.


Children are all different grow and develop at different rates, your child is unique and should not be compared to anyone, comparing your child to colleagues can lead your child to develop low self esteem.

Always say yes

This is one of the current problems of children, parents spend little time with their children and often try to make up for the time by satisfying the desires of their children. Children need limits and saying no is also an act of love.

Do not criticize

Try to make the best of all situations, your child paints off the lines praise the colors you chose, runs slowly praise the path you have chosen. The important thing is to encourage you to try. You do nothing right are words that no children or adult should listen to.

Do not blame

Feeling guilty is one of the worst sensations in the world, especially children who do not understand and can not judge if it’s really their fault. Day-to-day stress causes parents to blame their children for certain situations. This may lead the child to internalize this feeling and be afraid to do something wrong.