5 Quick Exercises for Defined Abs

If you have those defined abs with that you have always dreamed have to try this exercises. They are fast, easy and effective!

5 Quick Exercises for Defined Abs
Although one of the most talked about topics of the moment is “dad bod” , for many the dream is still a smooth belly and well defined abs. If you are reading this text, surely it is yours too. And in that case we have good news for you. Let’s leave you a list of quick exercises for defined  abs  that will help you get the best results.


Relax! They are just a few quick and simple exercises, but also infallible to achieve a defined and toned abs.


If you want to see results, this is the exercise for you. Bicyle Crunch is a very easy exercise and the results will not disappoint you. To do the exercise you just need to lie down on the floor with your hands behind your head.

Then try to play with your right elbow on your left knee, without straining your neck during the movement. To change, you must stretch your left leg while rotating the body to – this time – try to touch with the left elbow on the right knee. Go alternating the sides and repeat the movement between 12 to 16 times.


Simpler impossible. Leg Raises are great for working sit-ups and legs. To perform the exercise you only need to lie on the floor with your hands under your buttocks , and lift your legs (together) as much as you can without exerting too much effort.

To help, push the movement with your hip to lift your legs and lower again without touching the ground. Repeat the movement 10 to 15 times.


When talking about defining the sit-ups you can not leave out Sit-ups, or it was not the main objective of this exercise to tone the abdominal region, while increasing flexibility . The movement is very simple.

Sit on a mattress with your legs bent, your soles flat on the floor, and your knees apart. Then lie down and raise your spine until you touch your toes with your hands.


We have already told you about BOSU’s effectiveness in  increasing strength or toning muscles, for example. And if your goal is to get a well defined abdominals perform sit-ups or boards with the BOSU is a great option.

The movements are made in the traditional way, the only difference is that will use the BOSU. In the case of the abdomen, you should sit on the BOSU, with your feet flat on the floor to form a 90º angle with your knees and then just need to flex the trunk and return to the starting position.

In turn, to hold the board should support the elbows in the BOSU, while keeping the legs straight, with the hips raised and straight.


Here is a good exercise to stay with defined abs and simultaneously achieve strength and balance. On a rug, lean on your hands and knees while keeping your hips elevated. Then just stretch an arm and raise the opposite leg (stretched too).

Make sure you do not move your spine and contract your abdominal muscles during exercise. Of course, go alternating the movement.