5 Essential Parts in the Winter Wardrobe

Professional list items that will leave the looks more glamorous

Dare in the combinations can be as important as keeping yourself protected from low temperatures. The tip is Gabriela da Silva, collaborator of fashion sites, which listed five items that can’t miss in the wardrobe.

Winter looks


This style of shoe is pesadoa, with straight soles and rubber, and combines with a look that has a footprint rock, usually with short shorts and pantyhose, but looks great too with skinny pants and a t-shirt.

Hats and caps

In the world of fashion, in addition to protecting your face from the Sun, the CAP can be used as part of a casual look, but none stripped. A nice combination is with a boyfriend, a Grasshopper and a simple top.

White shoes

Longer wedding shoe, doctor or dentist, to become the darling of the fashionistas. ‘Ve been doing it in fashion weeks around the world, fell on the taste of women.


Are great companions in cold days. There are people who think an exaggeration, mainly in Brazil, but in addition to heat, the glove could let look more chic.

Crowns and tiaras

The crowns and tiaras are very successful in music festivals and are usually combined with looks more hippies and boho. The altar flowers follow making the biggest success.