5 Brands which Want to Be the Future of NYF

The New York fashion week is considered by some emerging firms as the best showcase to be known. This context is suitable for the new names who want to be the future of fashion, as in the case of these elected 5 you need to know. They opened the first day of a lively calendar, always on the move, with new proposals for the already settled to not sleep on our laurels.


Honor a safe event is for whom we like prints. Clear that always succeed in this matter is not an easy task. After his collection summer 2014, in which Giovanna Randall, its creative director was more that inspired, overcoming is complicated. For next winter 2015 success is not so overwhelming.

Created in 2010, Honor has known how to go to certain celebrities with their dresses. This time the designer said to have been inspired in the American wilderness of the Northeast. Prom night dresses earn much presence in the collection and it is where we see some of the hits, with transparency and false layers chiffon with jeweled applications games.

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Creatures of the Wind

Young, but with popularity Awards. Creatures of the Wind they won the Swarovski award to promising young in the CFDA 2014 and 2013 and 2012 were finalists. Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters they created the firm in 2008 and since they overinflated in New York with the winter 2010 collection still showing some attractive proposals where everything is possible.

For next winter, there are metallic, geometry of op-art, costumes of satin, overlays, transparencies, skins, maxicapas, raya diplomatic, retro party… It is the collection that Hedi Slimane would do to Saint Laurent, with the caveat that is mola.

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In Take they have been able to move very well. The signature created by Ramon Martin and Ryan Wolf He has had a collaborator of luxury for your last parade: Sarah Jessica Parker, who designed shoes under his signature SJP. Four years after having created take achieved its modern style is wanted by who created the fashion.

Seeks to take the mixture, the garments that make them stand out, but always on a basic palette that seeks to be transformed with materials such as the patent for their new coats, lace for dresses or the mixture of prints (striped) for their dresses. Tread on insurance, but in a very clever way. The formula works very well.

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Nicholas K

If ‘Matrix’ had to roll back the Wachowski brothers would have with Nicholas K as firm invited to the costume design. At his side, Alexander Wang is a beginner when it comes to portraying modern worlds that may come out icy and apocalyptic weather.

Looks which play with thousand layers, with an informal amplitude but at the same time maintains a style of party dresses of chiffon, transparencies and tie dye prints. Leather, skins and all court seeking an asymmetrical volume. After signing the brothers Nicholas and Christopher Kunz, Since 2003.

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Creatures of comfort

One of the favorite of Kim Gordon (former bassist and vocals of Sonic Youth), created in principle as boutique by Jade Lai in May 2005, in Los Angeles, to then make the leap to his own line and the catwalk in New York in the winter of 2010, city in which moved in full.

The concept of fashion of Creatures of comfort is as broad as what can be found in his store (located in Mulberry Street). Above all, it is a comfortable fashion, with few prejudices. A fashion that is seen in ready-to-wear a showcase to the Street between volumes, overlays, blends of fabrics and prints, as well as a taste clear by the total look of different styles.

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