4 Ways by Using Your Headband Look Country

A very old accessory, but with different ways to use, we’re talking about the famous Bands. The habit of using the bands emerged in the American old West, when the cowboys needed him to protect from dust that rose when riding on horses. Soon after, became a symbol of the visual rock but never left the famous country style. Learn various tips on how to use bandana to look beautiful and stylish.

A play beyond versatile, the bandanas are good in any style and look. She gives even more power to run the most basic looks, how shirt + jeans and can be used in several ways.

You can see them parading around in many necks, wrists and head. In addition, the bandana is being displayed as an accessory in handbags and hats. It is worth pushing our creativity and betting that have powerful there.

In the neck

One of the oldest forms of use bandanas. Resembling the old West, the cowgirl abuse this accessory to cover the neck and even as adornment. As well as the next successful chockers, in the fashion world, the bandanas can be tied around his neck with a little knot.

The headbands can be used on the neck with a knot or loop forward, both with the node behind, leaving the party with more tissue above the bust.


Those looking for versatility, found the perfect accessory: headbands. Who loves bracelets on her arms can override for this piece. In addition to mega glamorous, the cowgirl who opts for this accessory gives the look even more personality. Abuse of other accessories such as bangles and bracelets in silver tones.

The fabric of the bands usually have designs for the universe sertanejo, as in the case of horses, and so combine with several pieces of wardrobe.

In the hat

A trend there. The cowgirl who wants to give a touch of novelty and sophistication to your hats, you can bet on tie them up in your Cup. Will give a completely different visual and make your hat keep aspect of “new”. Join business with pleasure and still stay with a country style refined to go there.

In the bags

Tie this piece grants is a new wave that comes popping up in fashion. Gives even more grace for that basic scholarship that you don’t use both. You can be with a look all worked in management and still bet on one of them to tie up in the corner of one of the handles. What do you think?