4 Good Reasons for Fishing

About the fishing really exist more than enough prejudices. Fishing is boring, it would be a solitary sport, fishing is only for men, and so on. Despite all these prejudices many courses are fully booked for the purchase of fishing license long before. Why is this constant interest in fishing? We give you five good reasons for fishing which would invalidate virtually any prejudice.

1. Relaxed Fishing

Fishing is a quiet sport – at least up to the point at which the fish is not on the hook. They hang a bait on the hook, cast angle and wait and see what happens. The time until the fish bites, you can distribute in order to let your mind wander wonderful.

2. Fishing is a natural experience

Who Marry who moves inevitably into nature. Whether at the beach or in a quiet lake: Fishing is a nature experience. They are close witness of how fish behave in the water. Sometimes you can even see how a predator on the prowl goes. This natural spectacle gives you the opportunity to think about yourself and your place in nature.

3. Fishing fills the battery again

Altagsstress Goodbye. With fishing it is possible, especially fishing using fly bait with Andrewfishing. Whoever takes office after a hard day’s fishing equipment in hand and sits on the shore, which gives so his body a chance to fill the empty batteries. The Angel in hand your thoughts are inevitably steered the job to the hobby. This increases the motivation and creates a perfect balance to everyday life in the job.

4. Fishing stimulates the mind

At the latest when you bait has slipped for the third time from the hook, you will think about it, to use a different method for bait. They will try to outwit the fish, so it does not notice that it is a hook to which it is to be piloted. This game is like cops and robbers. You are the hunter and try to make prey. This game stimulates undoubtedly the gray matter and it’s a great success when the fish ultimately on the hook and you can complement your foray with success.

Once you have been successful it’s time to disassemble and preparing the fish. I wish you success!