4 Fashion Trends That Probably Won’t Get

Every time a new trend and, therefore, appears someone saying that she will be the new fever in the coming months. As well as the song “the best band of all time the last week” of the Titans, “the genius of the last hour is the idiot of the year following”, so if you see a guy stating that any one of the following will be a success, doubt.

White Or Off-White Pants

Just open any website, blog or tumblr fashion to find looks awesome with them, but not everything that looks good in the picture will well in real life. Few people have patience to stay all the time worrying about the cleanliness of an outfit that, let’s face it, faces obstacles not hygienic, as public transport, puddles, mud and soot from exhausts.

Vintage Hawaiian Prints And Florals

You know that shirt with hibiscus that always is part of the outfit of a character ridiculous in any American comedy? That’s right, 1 hour for another she could become the “must have” of the station. The only problem is to convince any man to use an item that has been considered ugly since the date of your creation.

Baja Stripes

The American GQ magazine is already touting that baja stripes, these colored stripes that have been successful in 70 years, are coming back with everything, you just have to specify who are back on the shelves, but not necessarily to your wardrobe. Many brands are investing in the trend, as the True Religion, Topman and Ralph Lauren, but your acceptance is uncertain, after all, your total or partial presence on shirts, t-shirts, shorts, pants and even accessories let the clothes very “manjadas”, which means you’ll have to wait some time for repeating the use of the play and who appreciates your investment money in clothing you don’t want to buy something for leaving in the Inkomtrends.

Candy Colors

One of the indicators of trends in Brazil are large retail chains. Renner has already shown in your preview of summer 2013 that believes in candy colors, one color palette that recalls the case of a candy store.Traditionally colors like pink, baby blue, yellow and green are not the Brazilian’s favorite, either in tops as shirts and blazers, or in clothing below the waist, like trousers and Bermuda, however, on the other side of the Atlantic to suits from top brands were shown using candy colors.You see?