4 Country Productions to Ensure Management on Rodeo Country Bulls

The XX Riopreto Rodeo Country Bulls will happen in the next few days 20 to 24 this year. To ensure the management and rock this event select some options of country productions for cowboys and cowgirls. The Rodeo Country Bulls promises 5 nights with many attractions music hinterland. They were designed especially for the whole family to enjoy and celebrate the world country.

The event Rodeo Country Bulls

Considered one of the three largest parties of pawn, the Rodeo Country Bulls 20 years full in 2016. The event will feature several renowned professionals ride you will be challenged to face the most dangerous bulls. The steps of these sports will be qualifiers and guided by the American Association PBR. The party will also feature artists shows sertanejos renowned. As is the case of the Cabaret-duo of Leonardo and Eduardo Costa, Henrique and Juliano, and more.

How to dress

When it comes to productions for rodeos and shows sertanejos, soon we have in mind the famous Texas boots. Is this piece who leads the entire look. In addition to the boots, it is important to think in elements that enhance your production and terminate with a golden key. As is the case of the buckles and hats. The production of country men and women who will enjoy the Rodeo Country Bulls can be very similar. To do this simply have in the Wardrobe the Plaid Shirt, the good old jeans. This matches perfectly with your combo boot texana, and you undoubtedly will ensure this event management.


For the cowgirls who are in search of the perfect, we will facilitate your country boot decision. The country woman need to ensure a complete production and full of style. There are a multitude of looks for different tastes and styles. The cowgirls more romantic and with a female footprint prefer productions with striking colours and delicate prints. These patterns range from the famous to the more delicate floral geometric. Women who already have a modern and stylish style, invest in pieces that are trends in country. There are also those cowgirls who like the traditional, but with a touch of elegance. See below for some ideas of country productions to Rodeo Country Bulls 2016:


The cowboys want to always invest in productions that have greater facilities and praticidades to get dressed. However, men are outnumbering BackLand and investing in pieces in style and full of power. They bother to make sure looks that match your personal taste. But these productions cannot lose the essence of the world. The parts that are the most traditional to the cowboys is the famous jeans, allied to the Paisley shirt or not, the stylish country hat and Texas boot. This is the kind of look that ensures management. To differentiate and ensure many looks, bet on buckles that are great allies of the cowboys.