3 Tips on How to Choose Your Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hat is like a stamp of originality and true back country man authentication. The hat country arose in the 20 in North America and just happened to be popularized in other countries from the 60. In addition to protecting from sunrays, is the indispensable accessory to highlight the country’s identity.

Impossible to refer to a cowboy and not imagine him with a beautiful hat. This accessory is a sure mark of man swing, investing in this play to give more charm and elegance to your production. For being a necessary accessory, the cowboy must have multiple, different colors and models. Is the hat that will guide you through the event and turn it into a stylish and elegant country man. Here are 3 Tips for you to choose the ideal hat, check out:

  1. Hat size:

Pay attention when choosing the hat, because each man has different size and format. Not always the hat that was excellent in friend, is going to fall right. The ideal is to measure the circumference of the head.

  1. Format of the hat:

There are various models and formats of hat. With wide-brimmed or short, short or elongated Cup. It is necessary to know which looks better in relation to the shape of your face. For men who have a round face, hats with wide-brimmed Cup highest, and strongest materials are the perfect choice, because they lengthen the face. For the cowboys with square face, the onslaught is accurate the hat with short and rounded and Cup short tabs.

  1. Hat Material:

There are hats with models, formats and different materials. The models made in wool are ideal for winter, because they heat more easily the cowboy’s head. Already made in straw are surefire bets to the heat, therefore they possess spans that allow air circulation, facilitating the natural process of perspiration.