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What Really Big Winners with Feminism Men

At this point in history, now nobody can doubt that the women We have a large debt with the feminists of previous generations, who fought to put at our disposal rights that our grandmothers could not even dream. One of the challenges of the current feminism refers to the relationship of the men with the movement. It is easy to find famous people who are doing much for feminism, but not everyone is willing to uphold the principles of feminism by simple altruism. So the question is: advantages achieved with feminism men? Continue reading

Social Life, The Short What You Help to Remember That The Postureo Can Be Finished with Your Real Life

We already have another YouTube video (sorry, award-winning short in several festivals) to share on our wall of Facebook, tweet, retuitear, favear and give it to ‘like’. Speaks of “a woman named Meredith who lives life has always wanted… online.” That says its creator, Kerith Lemon. We are going to like and we are going to spread because we will offer a small chance of making us feel superior This non-existent girl because we certainly, We are not like her. Continue reading

No, You’Re Not The Only Who Feels an Appetite Tremendous and Has a Mess Monumental

I’ve written appetite because it is more correct, but I think that what we suffer the most is what is commonly known as hunger, Sometimes, the simple anxiety of all life. It makes a little while I took a French toast, without remorse, with the absolute awareness that I should enjoy it because it ends the season. Later, I was asleep, I guess that by the satisfaction gives own French toast or the feeling of serenity that the losing battle has resulted in me. Continue reading