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Coatings for Floors and Walls (1)

Among the suggestions I asked for during our last promotion (I would like to thank everyone who gave very good ideas), some of them asked me to talk about coatings. So, I’ll do a series of posts on this subject, each one talking about characteristics, uses, advantages, disadvantages, in short, important data on the coatings in general. This one is a “general” type. The others will be more specific. Continue reading

Helmet of Newspaper Facilitates Life of Cyclists and Preserves Environment

At first glance this helmet does not show great attractiveness, at least aesthetic, for the consumer.  But we must also remember that safety equipment is not considered a reference in the fashion world, and that helmet is no exception. However, with it you can contribute with a noble cause: the reduction of the impacts of consumption on the environment. This is because the product is manufactured from recycled newspapers, a nice way to reuse the paper giving continuity to the life cycle of the material. Continue reading

5 Ways to Use Your Basic Sweater Fashion

  1. Hello fashionásticas! The subject today is with you.
  2. Winter in full swing (or drizzle, hahaha) and we always get that famous dilemma of every year, “I have no warm clothes” or “I have some jackets here but are so dull” or that “Oh, also have coats here but I don’t know how to use”.
  3. If you are one of those that has this jacket or even an old sweater and smell like guardado, can now get the guardarroupa and get him to get a Tan in the morning because I’m sure that after this post of inpiração with sweater , you’ll want to test all these looks.

Let the ideas! Continue reading

Cross Through Lower Saxony #6

Also on this Saturday, the last day of our Meinniedersachsen men’s trip, we had to get out of bed again in order to have breakfast and to prepare ourselves for the rest of the day. Because there was not as much on the program as the past days, the one or the other program point we still had. But of course we had the day calmly started. Continue reading

Flashlight Headlamp Bike Rechargeable Led Helmet 6007

The HY-6007 Headlight is ideal for mountaineering, camping or repairs, leaving your hands free for activity, but it can also be used on your bike, to light the way. Using state-of-the-art technology, it features sophisticated Cree Led XML T6, the highest performance and lightest Led light in the market, 20% more efficient than Cree Q5 or Cree MCE, consumes only 15% of a common lamp and has a up to 100,000 hours. With the aluminum body, the HY-6007 Headlight is resistant to water, mud, rain and shocks. Continue reading