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It Replace The New Series Moto Z to The Moto X? Motorola Says Not

Yesterday we attended the last presentation of Lenovo, although as last time the actors wore name “Moto”. As well, a few weeks after meeting the Moto G4 and G4 Plus now is the turn of a new series, the Z, inaugurated with the Z Moto and Moto Z Force. Two phones to high-end and the incentive to bike Mods that were outlined as successors of the last Moto X, drawing as well a possible end of this series. Continue reading

Moto Z Force against Its Rivals: a You to You among The Most Resistant

Perhaps humans are able to create inventions and sophisticated machines, but we are also made to destroy, especially at an early age. For this reason and because there are conditions very demanding in terms of resistance ultra-resistentes Mobile will always have a target audience. That seemed to know in Motorola and Lenovo keeps him with the new Moto Z Force. Continue reading

Thus Evolved The Range G Up to The Moto G4 and G4 Plus Moto Moto by Lenovo

It was the month of November of the year 2013 when Motorola decided that it was good time to introduce a terminal that would represent a turning point in the market, and which would execute a movement that would be later imitated by the vast majority of their competition. The November 2013 Motorola announced the arrival the first Motorola Moto g, that three years later over developed two new models, the Moto G4. Continue reading

Be Moto G4 and G4 Plus The First Moto Moto by Lenovo? They Start Leaks

Although in the case of a fagocitada brand, Motorola still releasing products and capturing our attention. Although this time we expect to see a “by Lenovo” as a reminder in the nomenclature as we discussed at the time that the acquisition by the Chinese manufacturer was formalized, apparently both would be preparing the launch of not one but two new terminals, Moto G4 and G4 Plus. Continue reading