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Party Sandals

For starters, forget that story of that purse, shoes and belt must match. No, now has other ways to leave more harmonious look and in the case of a sandal, Yes, she must be a protagonist.

However, it may not be that easy to combine a sandal or shoe with a look. Because there are so many options that it is inevitable not to be in doubt. The most delicate models, more discreet, the more flamboyant, a wide choice, but each combines with a particular style of look. However, when you “dominates” the ground rules to match what’s good with you, you easily solves this problem. Just choose well and consider a few ground rules in time to make the decision. Continue reading

Winter Fashion Colors

There are two ways to consider the colors of winter in men’s fashion: the traditional spectrum of cold tones with a few pinches of yellow and red or follow the trends suggested by the fashion industry. In the first case we have a fixed chart composed by cooler colors, namely, shades of green, blue and violet combined with Brown, white, black and full range of gray. In the second we found an elaborate chart based on market trends and behavioural studies that demonstrate which path the consumption will take. At times many of these colors are repeated in other, unexpected tones and strong colors, creating interesting contrasts and elegant, contributing to the visual male becomes more Rico. Continue reading

Creative Lamps With LED Bulbs

Resistant and economical, LED bulbs are a great alternative to both indoor and outdoor lighting. Hometeka is a fan of this technology and we’ve talked about its features and advantages in this link .

With this in mind, we have separated some curious luminaires that can be equipped with LEDs to get you to know a little more and get inspired, as well as Gaya products that can help those who want to use this type of lighting. Continue reading

Winter Fashion Tips For Fat

With the proximity of the winter the shop windows of the shops fill with amazing pieces, after all the menswear WINS almost European outlines in this time of year and the opportunity to dress elegantly has an appeal irresistible! Unfortunately the warm clothes can be a trap for the fatties that try to make it seem more aligned, because a volume, stripe or color in the wrong place are a danger for those who do not want to be chunkier than it already is, see some pieces that will leave your more slender silhouette and others that could disrupt anyone overweight : Continue reading

Fall Winter Nail Art

If you want a nail art effect, do not miss the new trends manicure 2016! Come new and exciting ideas to always have perfect nails and well-maintained.


This fall winter we will see many fantasies, play of colors and flowers on nails. A dictate new fashions in nail art manicure will be of Antonio Sacripante that were presented at the Milan Fashion Week, accompanying several parades. Glazes are signed Morgan Taylor.

About some of the new trends nails and colors of the glazes that will become the trend of winter. Continue reading

TOP 10 Sweatshirts and Jackets

Talk TIME, all right? Look closer to winter, we’ve started to feel aqueeeeele cold and spent the time to get ready, huh? haha today, in partnership with King55, we put a TOP 10 special Sweatshirts and jackets, all brand new. Bora pro post see these releases?

Those who follow the male fashion, you must meet the King55, right? Vegan and sustainable Brand, 100% Cruelty Free (free of animal cruelty) and that’s always tuned in what happens in our Universe to print trends in its parts and products. Continue reading