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Peak Cassette Has a Very Crazy Idea: Bring Us Games in Shape of Cartridge to Android

Nostalgia is hard and if you’re a gamer even more. Cartridges, the physical format, the covers of those games that we enjoy in the childhood… The nostalgia that today makes us pay a fortune for titles which were not worth much. Aware of this, in Japan have thought in a rather curious to play on our mobile format.

Beatrobo presented at the Tokyo Game Show Peak Cassette, a cartridge that is connected to the jack on the handset in our mobile and allows us, as in the consoles of the 1980s and 1990s, play our favorite titles. At the moment it’s a prototype and there are no trade agreement with developers, but the idea is already on the table. Continue reading

Snapdragon 820 Is Again Seen in a Benchmark on The ‘Galaxy S7’

Expected much next Qualcomm chipset. The bitter taste that left the Snapdragon 810 cannot be repeated this time, and the truth is that what we know so far is quite attractive. The Snapdragon 820 back to look like mounted on an edition of the Galaxy S7 development, throwing a couple of interesting facts.

So far we have seen some of the components of this System on Chip (SoC), as its graphics unit or its image processor for the camera, their LTE Cat 12 connectivity to 600/150 Mbps down/upload or Quick Charge 3.0, which promises to charge the mobile at 80% in just over 30 minutes. Now it reappears in a filtered benchmark, which gives us a point of contact with its performance at a more advanced stage of development. Continue reading

You Can Already Put The Watchfaces of The Bike 360 Second Generation to The Original Model

If you have followed this last IFA with us, you will know that one of the (few) new new bike 360 are the watchfaces. Between the covers that are new for the clock we have new ones how much that allow us to set up a series of shortcuts in the field. Useful for quickly entering applications that we use regularly.

Saw them in Berlin and was a matter of time that reach the bike 360 from a year ago. Did not need the community to put their two cents but that we just have to get off the latest version of Motorola Connect to install these new covers on our watch. Easy and simple. Continue reading

Android Wear and 360 Moto Will Arrive in China Within Shortly a Series of Limitations

A few days ago, a couple of Anglo-Saxon media uncovered the rumours of a story that could have much scope if it is confirmed: Google’s return to China. With a series of limitations, that Yes. Apparently, Mountain View want to re-enter the country and accept the conditions that lay in local government. This movement translates to many areas because Google is a real giant.

A little later than this information, a source has confirmed what Google China plans to introduce Android Wear in this market. Aware of the expansion of Apple in this country, they want to get there and his spear could be the second generation Motorola Moto 360. The key? Lenovo. Continue reading

You Can Already Play The GameBoy Advance in Your Android Wear and Yes, Is So Cumbersome as It Sounds

There is a small group of developers in Android Wear who are bent on demonstrating the power of the connected clocks. They could do that with useful applications but that always brings more development and the best technical test to check the limits of these devices are the emulators. Applications fairly demanding where the screen size does not favor that we play anything, everything is said.

This is not the first time, and certainly not the last, that we see a port for Android Wear with an optimization a bit tosca. As you have been able to deduce in the headline, it’s a portable console from Nintendo, GameBoy Advance emulator. Starting today, you can play it in your smartwatch. Or at least try because it is a little frustrating. Continue reading

ASUS ZenWatch 2, First Impressions (With Video): a Moderate Renovation

ASUS presented its new Android Wear watch for this year in June but has not been to IFA When we have had chance to try it. The first model took to arrive (look at it a few months ago on Engadget) but the second generation aims to be available before the end of the year.

As we saw with the bike 360 this year, few improvements from one generation to another Android Wear. Once again, two sizes, a more mature design but with the same feeling that still is still much ahead to see a substantial jump in the smartwatches. This is our first impressions with the ZenWatch 2. Continue reading

Samsung Has Understood, at Last, You Have to Do to to Your Watch to Succeed: Open

Samsung with its connected watches Gear pioneered what slightly more afternoon came with Android Wear. Interesting devices but with a common problem: It was necessary to have a mobile Galaxy to use it. Something that also is complicated when we comprobábamos that not all models were consistent.

After two years, doing smartwatches, this time finally have understood that if you want us to look at them, they will have to to open up to more people can use it. Gear S2 is the first compatible with the rest of Android phones and that is good news for everyone. Continue reading

Pebble Time Updates on Android Improving The Interface and The Actions in The Calendar

Although the large number of proposals with Android Wear that is giving us the IFA 2015 can do that let us forget it, the Time Pebble does not forget us and continues to improve gradually gained from implementing more and more functions for those who prefer their bid for autonomy instead of the beautiful designs of the smartwatches of the latest generation.

With its 3.4 update, Pebble Time is renewed to improve some details in the appearance of its interface, which is now a little more simple and easy to use, and improving the way in which now we can manage from our wrist actions in our calendar application. Continue reading

New 360 Motorcycle, The Evolution of The First Android Wear Circular

Motorola It has tapped into great showcase that offers the IFA 2015 to present the renewal of its first Android Wear with new in society Bike 360 of second generation you try to fix most defects or shortcomings that were detected in the first generation.

On this occasion the new bike 360 will not be a single model, but there are several versions, of different sizes, designs and materials to meet the needs of every consumer, be available in different colors and with different belts. Continue reading

Xiaomi Watch Looks over The Leg… Although They Are Only Rumors

Ago long who is talking about a hypothetical smartwatch of Xiaomi, and obviously all we know that the successful Chinese firm will launch a smart watch before or after. The own Hugo Barra confirmed it, but then leaving in the air deadlines saying that they wanted to see the needs of the users and the evolution of the market.

Yesterday intensified the rumors and today we already you have the first information about the Xiaomi Watch, Although for the moment only in the form of rumors that could not be described as more or less reliable. Continue reading