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XDA Diamond

Operation via touch screen 

The O2 XDA diamond uses, such as the construction of similar models of T-mobile MDA compact IV and HTC touch diamond on a similar operating concept as the iphone: After all the main functions and the internet program (opera mobile) can be controlled by finger. So makes surfing the internet fun especially since the XDA brisk tempo via WLAN or UMTS (data rate 6.1 mbps) presents.

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Hacker Trick Brings Apple System On The Msi Wind

Wind or the eee PC from ASUS are mini-notebooks like the MSI the trend. They are ultra-compact, ideal on the road for standard tasks such as word processing, email software, internet programs, and don’t cost much. To buy, there are the so-called netbooks with linux or windows XP. Who would prefer the apple operating system, currently look at the tube, as apple doesn’t have similarly priced products in the program. Although apple’s mac OS X leopard operating system actually optimally for the small computer would be. It consumes little resources and is quite easy to use so ideal for beginners.

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The New Ifa Models: Navis With Ample Extras

While the first users of mobile navisystemen were still happy, if the maps up-to-date and the instructions were clearly spoken, are today’s devices packed with additional features. This functionality must not go to the detriment of usability, so the producers are relying increasingly on the most important when navigating: Users must get well and safely!
The display therefore continue to grow in the width. This creates overview and makes it easier to use the finger tip. Show the way when more track-side turning lane assistant and warnings to speedcams or dangerous places for safety on the road ensure.

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Off Immediately At Aldi-Nord: Navi Medion Gopal e4430 With Tmc For 179 Euro

Operation the medion gopal E4430 can be easy to operate via the touch screen (touch screen). Support for route planning, a virtual keyboard that hides not meaningful characters (such as the search of the street name). There’s a detailed and easy to understand instructions. If you have a bluetooth phone, can use the gopal E4430 as a hands-free device. Voice playback was the test device but a little too soft and therefore bad understandable.

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Motorola ROKR E8

Equipment and display

The ROKR E8 dispenses with a large screen and offers no UMTS or wi-fi for fast surfing in the internet. Motorola is breaking new ground with the operating concept: No fixed numbers are printed on the keyboard, instead a display panel that pops up matching icons depending on the application while listening to music is located under the keyboard as start, stop, pause.

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Blaupunkt Travelpilot 100

Operation and navigation 

That gives relatively small blaupunkt navi 8.9 cm screen diagonal s since march, according to new is the map. A long press on the blue dot is needed to bring it to life. But then it showed sprinter qualities. It was flash navigation ready and needed only 10 seconds to calculate the test long distances over land. The calculated routes were slightly longer than the reference routes in the cut. Default navigation selects not the quickest route, but a mixture of fast and short track.

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Myguide 3100 Roof

That is myguide 3100 since september 2007 on the market, but still beyond the shop counters. The maps in the navi comes from july 2007. The pilot brings navigation, but otherwise no extras.


Thanks to no-frills user experience is the goal quickly typed. After the turn it took, however, right until the unit was ready for navigation. The test route calculation brought the processor under the hood of the myguide properly thinking: Even for the 23 kilometres short city route needed the device 17 seconds.

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MSI WIND U100-1618XP

Speed and equipment

Recently, Aldi sold the NetBook Medion Akoya mini E1210 is actually a wind U100. Under the hood, there is technology of MSI. There is little difference in speed and features: the MSI unit has also an atom processor by Intel (clock frequency: 1.6 GHz), as well as one gigabyte memory. Motherboard and graphics card are also from Intel. The Bluetooth interface, which you wirelessly connect devices, such as mobile phone or headset with the NetBook is new. In contrast to the Medion notebook, the MSI unit has no input and switch on the power supply.

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Navigons flagship 8110 proved when calculating routes particularly fixed. Even for the more distant destinations the navi in record time tinkering around the shortest routes. Only the interurban routes were slightly longer than the COMPUTER image reference route.

Progammstart and maps 

A shortcoming: Until you can go with the 8110, fiddling turning is announced because of the lengthy program starts for almost a minute. The cards werdenhäufig updated. Unfortunately, no maps for areas outside europe is they have not subsequently acquire.


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