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Winter Olympic Games 2014 Ice Skating

The Olympic Games in Sochi for the Netherlands showed the most successful games ever. With 24 medals Netherlands finished fifth in the medal standings. Skating proved to be a sport where the Netherlands were by far the best country in the world. During the various components looked million to our???? heroes on the ice. In this commentary, we look back at the port where we were so well: skating.

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Federico Macheda Manchester United Goals

Federico “Kiko” Macheda is an Italian football talent who plays for Manchester United. He came to Manchester United from Lazio in September 2007 and fell in the English Premier League already shown its best side. He is the revelation of the 2008/2009 football season? Federico Macheda was born August 22, 1991 in Rome. His first professional club was Lazio who mocked him soon on the local Atletico Prenestino. As under Italian law a player under 18 years no professional contract may sign, however, he has never officially Lazio played in the seniors.Shortly after his 16th birthday, he was taken away by Manchester United. In England, a similar law, but over 16 years. English clubs have often benefit from this advantage when buying young talent. Macheda moved with his family to England and started in September 2007 with a three-year course at the Manchester Academy.

Because of his great talent Macheda went straight to the Manchester United Under-18 teams. Here he was able to make an immediate impression on his debut against Barnsley makes the only goal. In his first season he was the top scorer of his team with 12 -18 goals in 21 games, and in between he also made ​​his debut in the second to Manchester United in February 2008, where he could fill in for Gerard Piqué in a 2 ?? 0 defeat against Young Liverpool. On 12 May 2008, the Macheda gathering Cup medal winner when he sat on the bench for 2 ?? 0 wins final against Bolton Wanderers.
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World Series of Darts Singapore 2014

Singapore Darts Masters will be held on Friday 15th and Saturday, August 16, 2014. This tournament is part of the regatta PDC World Series of Darts. Who are the participants in the event in Singapore? How do the schedule and the program of this tournament out? Who is the favorite to win? Singapore Darts Masters will feature broadcast by RTL 7 television. In addition, the tournament followed live on the Internet.

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Great Ajax and Little Ajax

The title of this article has nothing to do with the size of the Ajax Club in this season. No, this article is named after two legendary brothers petrels was gone over, Henk and Cees Groot. Together they were responsible for 66 goals this season from a total of 109 goals as Ajax would do this season. For the first time took Ajax 100 goals and 100 was made by Sjaak Swart. Bigger and better could not be caught 10 League title.

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Algeria World Cup 2014 Match Schedule

Algeria has over qualifications place the CAF Brazil World Cup feel. This was with some difficulty. Under (d) eplay offs Algeria lost the first match 3-2 against Burkina Faso. In return, was won 1-0. It is the fourth time that Algeria has agreed to be part of this global soccer tournament. Algeria will play their first match on 17-06-2014 at Beglië. It also plays more matches against Russia and South Korea.

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Wimbledon 2015 Facts and Figures

From June 29 to July 12, 2015 is in London the prestigious Wimbledon Tennis Tournament site. The tournament is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments. In addition to the large number of ATP and WTA score that can be achieved, tennis player competing for the honour of putting the biggest tennis tournament in the world on their behalf. The Reigning champions Novak Djokovic and Petra Kvitova will also this year’s tournament would write his name. What is the schedule and what are the results in the tournament?

  • The Name Wimbledon
  • The history of the tournament
  • Complex
  • Dutch successes
  • Scores and prize money
  • The Favorites
  • Schedule

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