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Tips Saturday: the Week’s Best Tips

We collect the week’s top tips-how to get the best out of your smartphone!

They can be a lot of the ladies and smartphones. But we only use a fraction of the features, applications and features as they can offer. Every Saturday opstøver mobile page, therefore the best fereshte from the week that went-then you get the chic back in the smartphone.
Share smart shopping lists for Christmas shopping from your iPhone.

When shopping-race in earnest begins to Christmas Eve, where the delegation can be done directly on the cell phone with the eTilbudsavis app.

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The Mobile Site Will Announce This Year’s Coolest Feature:

2013 has featured some brilliant new features-but who really had the smartest?

At the end of the year and 2013 has bid on brilliant new features in our mobile companions. We have gathered together the most exciting and innovative actions and will, kåre year’s best:

And the nominees are:

Apple iPhone 5S-Touch ID. Fingerprint readers are not new-but Apple’s integration is almost perfectly done.

Apple iPhone 5S-True tone flash. With a colored flash can now better adapt the Flash to Apple in dim light.  Continue reading

Become Smarter on the Universe with New iPad App

Known physicist is behind the new app for iPad that can bring clarity about the world we live in and the outside.

Most of us are probably familiar with the Toy Story figure Buzz light years comment “To infinity, and beyond”.

However, there are not so many of us who actually have distinct notion about how the universe works.

It must be a new app for the iPad make up on. The app “Snapshots of the Universe” is a collaboration between the physicist Stephen Hawking and Random House. It writes our site.

Stephen Hawking has plenty of experience with publications of knowledge in the area, but this is the first trials with software.
The app combines text, images, video and even small games, such as in a fun way to simplify learning.

Are you interested in app “Snapshots of the Universe” can be bought for $ 32 in the App Store here.


Tech Giants Meet with Obama

Attention to the NSA and new health site gets now Obama to meet with tech-companies ‘ top officials.

For a week or so ago were American NSA once again in the spotlight, as tech giants had had enough, and sent out a letter that was supposed to catch the Government’s attention.

In addition, Obama’s talked-about sundhedspoltik, and associated website our site, now reportedly created the meeting between the President and executives from leading technology companies.

Several items on the agenda
The meeting which kicks off today, comes a day after a judge has agreed that the so-called “NSA phone data collection program” violates the U.S. Constitution. Continue reading

LG Nexus 5 Review: the Friendliest Android [Mobile Test]

Recently a member of the Nexus family is genuine quality behind a quiet but style probably external.

Nexus for dummies

Every time we reviewed a Nexus, it is worth making a crash-course in the Nexus storyline. Google has originally meant the Nexus as a smartphone targeted at software developers. Armed with the they could try, try out their newest software on the latest version of the operating system Android.

Google has with the last Nexus 4 extended the concept to be a wedge to pick up the U.S. market. Telecommunications giants reigns over there with dogs animal subscriptions to 2 years, but misleading cheap mobile phones. Nexus 4 should be inexpensive to acquire, but also inexpensive to subscribe to. And since Google also serves on their services, advertisements and products in Play Big Google could sell Nexus 4 to a relatively record low price. Continue reading

10-Foldig Difference of Antenna Quality in Mobile Phones

Great comparison of 22 popular handsets reveals huge difference between top and bottom.

Aalborg University has compared the aerial quality in 22 of Denmark’s most popular mobile phones for Erhverstyrelsen. In this study there has proved to be a huge difference on the test dukser and dumpers.

Erhvervstyrelsens mobile map coverage has at the same time mapped to 2 g-community network (GSM900) provides ever-the best coverage-so a high score here ensures the best coverage.

On the other hand, you look at 3 g coverage (UMTS900 and UMTS2100) draws a different picture, and here you can see other mobile phones take the lead.

Below you will find the results from the study. That is worthy of note that the scale is logarithmic so a poll on URf.eks. 98 dBm is ten times higher than 88 dBm.

Mobildeal: Price Basque from Oppo

We bumped once in between in deals that are so good that we just have to share them. Here is a super slim Christmas deals from Oppo.

Oppo is not especially well known outside the mobile enthusiast circles, but they manage to mark positively with exciting concepts such as tilting cameras and about to engage deeply in enthusiast-project CyanogenMod.

In the run-up to Christmas, they have great deals, we believe stands out: Oppo R819 for 199 euros (1500.0-us). Including freight, as well as extra cover and screen protection.

Can we come to terms with the prototyp-like name, you get the following for its 1500 crowns:

-4.7 inch HD display with IPS technology
-8 MP camera with f/2.0 lens and BSI-sensor, 1080p30 video
-1.2 Ghz Mediatek MT6589 quad-core
-Dual Sim
-16 GB storage space
-Android 4.2.1 with optional Oppo or Android skin
-Superlight (110 gr) and åleslank (4.5 mm) design
-2000 mAh battery

The offer can be ordered from the Oppos European webstore through the 18. December.

Onfone Changes Its Name to Yousee Mobile

Customers of Onfone can in the future expect window envelopes from Yousee Mobile. Prices and packages remains unchanged.

Too good a month or so ago, we at our site could tell that TDC announced major changes in the structure of the Group.

This meant, among other things, to brand the M1 was shut down, and added into the Full rate. Onfone would cease as an independent company, but retain the name.

Now informs Yousee on their website that Onfone changes its name to Yousee Mobile. They also pointed out that prices and packages remains unchanged.

So the only thing the new Yousee customers notice is the new name of rudekuverten (ed. invoice). Would you like further information you can find answers to questions here.


Google+ Sprinkles of Snow on Your Images

Do you use Google + you can get snow on your photos simply by shaking the phone like a snow globe.

Google introduces “Auto Awesome”. With the name fails ambitions anyway nothing. Auto Awesome is simply an animated effect that is added on top of the image.

The only thing you need to do is update your Google+. Fortunately, the update contains more than just sneeffekten, because there also are better search results and notifications.

Search results now show relevant messages, pictures, contacts and Google + groups.

Your notifications can now be customized so that it vibrates when you get a message from certain contacts. All other contacts, messages will be shown under the “Everything else”.

Now Comes That Forced Video Advertising on Facebook

The Regent over the social media now seems to be close to the roll-out of video advertising that you can’t opt out.

Those of you who are familiar with Facebook, and may have seen the movie “The Social Network” can probably also remember Mark Zuckerbergs then position on advertising the use of the service.

Much has happened since, and users will now need to scroll up and down in one sponsored lookup after another. Continue reading