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André Belfort Watches

Recently had the opportunity of carry in the doll an Andre Belfort during barely a week (five days). The readers of this blog know to these heights that not am necessarily the greatest fan of the design traditional of them watches. There are some features of watches that you personally do not necessarily like me – but if the general impression of a clock remains harmonious, it is also good for me. The André Belfort at InsideWatch is one of those cases. I could imagine taking it for much longer than a short week.

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Rumor of the Day: iTunes Will Start Selling Music in Brazil in December

The rumor of the arrival of the music store Apple in Brazil, as well as Santa Claus appears every year during a particular time and place many smiles on the daring geeks face by a legal option to purchase an integrated digital content to iOS devices. But unlike the good old man, the rumor appeared for the second time this year, by way of magazine columnist season, Bruno Astute. He says the iTunes Music Store will arrive in Brazil next month.

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Quartz or Automatic Watches?


In most of the cases are somewhat cheaper than the automatic watches quartz watches. The price of the watches of quartz is of 50 euros for above im Preis. Automatic watches are more expensive, but generally also have mechanisms of higher quality.

Gear precision

On this issue, we must say that quartz watches has a minimum deviation. Watches instead fail this precision. What is important is how and where the clocks are kept. It is no coincidence that there are boxes rotor for automatic watches.

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