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Oriental Style Wedding Dresses

Among the wedding Trends 2015, the Oriental style wedding dresses seem to be the perfect trend for the bride who likes the richness of details, showy decorations and trimmings. These dresses, reinterpreted by Western culture, inspired by the stories of the rising sun. Here is a template from which to draw inspiration.

It is time to discover the new collections bridal 2015, but especially the newest trends in weddings. We started from the original ideas of brands such as Oscar de la Renta and Yolan Cris that it takes on the altar in crop tops, and the elegant tunic designed for a bride curvy, not to mention the beauty of pastel colors but especially of chypre and champagne tones, a color that has fallen into oblivion a decade ago, which this year has been repurposed from all maison , which covered leave almost intact its vintage touch. Continue reading

Wedding Dresses Alessandra Rinaudo

Vintage wedding dresses Alessandra Rinaudo, 2015 collection of famous designer is romantic, elegant yet fashionable and perfectly in tune with the latest trends in wedding season. Take a look in our gallery.

It renews that timeless romantic style that has always characterized the collections of Alessandra Rinaudo, showing us some of the most beautiful models of the new collection of wedding gowns 2015. Designed to enhance the silhouette and hide those little flaws that we women do not like certain sport, let alone on the day of the wedding, the new collection of dresses Alessandra Rinaudo fit perfectly to the taste and characteristics of each type of bride, a romantic woman who dreams of a fairytale marriage, starting precisely from the wedding dress. Continue reading

Women’s Long Lined Trench Coat

After Easter coma back in the game! How your Easter has gone so far? Here we have a weekend in France did not seem to be much of the ordinary, what is now the solution: we put stomachs full kinder and preceding the end of the package we applied for a new convenience store. I pull Kinder-overs always once a year and Easter regret, why not have a developed Kinder chocolate alone, hmph. Chocolate Egg Övereiden  addition, we went to enjoy the sun and the warmth of the beach, by the way Easter was spent mostly at home still a little tweaking and Gossip Girl -marathon activities.

However, this one a warm day in Rome City dwellers! Meter hit a brisk twenty degrees, we decided to take heart and leave the bare Saarinen local entry kevytuntuva takeissaan. For us, scandes han those temperatures are the same as in the summer, so of course it was a pleasure to take off;) When returning back to the apartment at dusk and rates fell denying us laugh – “yes during the day was a light summer weather! .

The attire for the first time in this new American Apparel long green waving trench coat, although the tone of folds a little grayer reality in these pictures. However, the jacket has proven to be quite high acquisition, and is so versatile when it happens this way in the summer outfit with a pair of shorts. I liked khaki, fresh white skin, and a combination of a lot of super, and the entity’s certainly over again. Normally, I might have paired the outfit with a ballerina, but because Rome was known to a lot of walking, were Adidas Los Angeles a much better option. Sneakers took the opportunity of a nice sporty touch to this! What do you think of?

Bare legs may begin to appear more frequently guises, namely the rates start to warm up here, too! The week ahead looks lovely sunny days and some have even promised to well over 20 degrees, yay! This weekend we spotted dressed up for many bikinis to the beach and some of the bravest already floating meressäkin, huh. Summer is approaching really;) Have a wonderful start to the week – enjoy the last pääsiäisvapaasta!

Back in the game after Easter weekend! How has your Easter been? We’ve been spending a lot of time at home trying to recover from the stomach flu we got from Rome, but we’re finally getting better. And just in time, since the weather is starting to be amazing here in Marseille! Wouldn’t want to spend these warm and sunny days inside 😉 On Saturday we went to the beach to enjoy the sun and there were actually some people already in bikinis and some even swimming in the sea, so summer is definitely starting to be closer!

Anyhow here’s an outfit from Rome and it’s also the first outfit with the new coat American Apparel. It’s actually khaki green, although here the color looks more like grey. I absolutely love this flowy trench coat and it’s easy to combine with both jeans and even shorts as here. To add some sporty touch (and to be able to walk lots of kilometers in Rome) I wore my Adidas Los Angeles sneakers with the outfit. How do you like this combo? Hope you all have a great week – enjoy the last holiday day!

2015 Short Wedding Dresses

Short wedding gowns 2015, from classic lace sheath midi dress that comes straight from the years ‘ 50, here are the most beautiful wedding dresses to wear for the big day.

This year one of the most beautiful bridal collections we saw so many wedding dresses, designed for younger brides, desiring to wear a dress more rakish, but also and especially for those who have decided to get married at City Hall. An evergreen that for some years tirelessly there is proposed and reproposed in a wide range of designs and shades ranging from midi 50 ‘s style dress with filmy skirt, dress sexy yet sophisticated. We discover together the most beautiful wedding gown of 2015. Continue reading

Kaviar Gauche Wedding Collection

Maybe the name of the German brand Escada won’t say much at fashion group, but after her fashion show at lawfaqs Fashion Week Berlin, we bet that you will talk at length about him? And it’s all because of this particular and curious gown in his Womenswear collection for next autumn-winter 2012/2013.Difficult that a bride could come to church looking like that. And who knows what will the Mayor!

In these days of the Paris men’s fashion shows for next autumn-winter 2012/2013, instead another wonderful European capital hosts the women’s fashion collections. In Berlin, in fact, being Fashion Week dedicated to women’s wardrobe of cold weather to come. The program also includes the controversial parade of Kaviar Gauche … Continue reading

Backless Wedding Dresses

What are the most beautiful dresses with the twist of 2015, a popular trend, especially by those who for her wedding day chose a minimalist chic dress. Here is the most romantic and chic spotted on the catwalks and among the new collections of our favorite bridal brand.

Once maybe no one would have worn to church, but this year it seems that the backless wedding dress trend is one of the most popular and fascinating, especially for those who have opted for a simple and minimalist chic-inspired dress. Bold, intriguing, but also very romantic, we discover together what are the most beautiful clothes with backless. Continue reading

Winter Wedding Dresses

Winter wedding dresses, here are the most beautiful models 2015 and top trends from brides when temperatures are particularly low. Change the cuts, colors and coats to wear on her wedding day.

Wedding in the winter? No problem, just wear something appropriate: a winter wedding dress that match possibly a wrap or a fur bolero. There are few weddings that are held in winter, usually couples prefer to marry for convenience in summer, but there are still those who cannot give up the romantic atmosphere of winter, as is the case with a Christmas wedding. Change the patterns of the clothes, but also change the colors, which are definitely more dull and dark, with a color palette ranging from cream to black, passing by the warm tones of red and Burgundy. Thus we discover together the most beautiful winter wedding gowns for maternity of Maternityguides. Continue reading

Original Wedding Invitations

Do you want an original marriage? Then start from invitations and choose some original ideas for wedding invitations. On the internet you will find many creative ideas and free resources that will help you save some money.

Established the day of the wedding and the location of the ceremony and of detention, you must think about the investments to be sent to the invitees at least a few months before the wedding. The Internet, in this case, it is an excellent resource for the bride and groom who want to give some points for originality to their marriage. Online you will find many original ideas that not only allow you to save money and to make calls with the wedding theme, but especially to astound your guests with something really creative. Continue reading

Wedding Dresses with the Long Tail

Wedding dresses with long tail, here is one of the most popular bridal trend amongst brides who dream of a romantic and fairy dress. This year, however, large queues can be found also on the dresses to bridal gowns and mermaid who have nothing pompous, perfect then for the woman who loves the minimal style.

Never went out of fashion, the dresses with tail length in are a must for an aspiring bride who dreams of a romantic wedding at a more fairytale. The appearance of dresses with a train is literally Regal, but not necessarily the long tail can be found exclusively in pompous, those literally from Princess, the great designers of the bridal industry have managed to enchant us with romantic ideas but at the same time very sexy, so it is not uncommon to catch a glimpse of a medium-long tail, even on dresses slipped or Mermaid. Continue reading