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WhatsApp Adopted Encryption End-to-end. What Does That Mean?

How attentive user WhatsApp that is, you may have noticed a yellow background message saying “The messages that you send to this conversation and calls are now protected with encryption end-to-end.” The app’s most popular messages of the world finally did what hehad promised in 2014. But what does this mean for the more than one billion users?

According to this technical article WhatsApp itself, the novelty is active since March 31. The service states that “or cyber criminals, hackers, oppressive regimes, even we” can see the content of messages, that is, from now on, every link, every message, photo, video, file or voice message that you send or receive is encrypted end-to-end by default – and this also applies to groups. The only requirement is that you and your contacts are with the latest version of the app.

To find out if a conversation is already encrypted end-to-end, simply access the contact data screen or group. A closed or open padlock and an explanatory message appears just below features such as mute and custom notifications:

When messages are not encrypted, the information appears on the screen – as in the picture above. In the case of groups, one tap the message shows which members need to update the application to the latest version.

What is Encryption End-to-end?

The encryption end-to-end ensures that when the user sends a message to one person who can read its contents is the fact recipient and nobody else. It is as if only the parties involved in the dialogue were the key that unlocks the messages. The computer forensic expert Deivison Pinheiro Franco explains:

“In this context, the key concept is that only those who have the decryption key to be able to retrieve a message in readable format, even knowing the whole process to hide and recover the data, the unauthorized person can not find the information without decryption key. “

There are two types of encryption , the symmetric key, or private key encryption, and asymmetric keys, also called public key cryptography. The encryption end-to-end is the asymmetric type. In the case of WhatsApp , it works like this: to send a message to the user B, user A asks the WhatsApp server public key that applies to the user B. Then, the user A uses that public key to encrypt the message. On the other hand, the user B, owner of a private key that is only available on your phone, decodes the message sent by A.

Infographic: Wired

Deivison says that “what makes the encryption end-to-end better than the others is that it provides security keys only to those involved in communication, ie this type of encryption refers to a system in which the message out coded device that sends decoded and only the device that receives it, as if the sender send a lock to which only the recipient has the key (which features the encryption type of asymmetric keys).”

WhatsApp displays a code of the keys changed the contact information to both verify that they match. Simply scan a QR code or the other, when they are not physically close, share the numeric code that is displayed. If they match, it’s all protected:

The encryption end-to-end these keys are generated and stored on endpoints, ie the devices of the users, not servers. WhatsApp, which says that does not store messages after sending, is also not with the generated keys. According to Deivison, “it means that WhatsApp will not be able to decode the messages on their own, even if it is required by law.”

In tests here, the feature still seems to have problems: communication between an Android (I) and iOS (Ghedin), the lock was open, that is, the conversation was decrypted even though both with the updated app. In another test he was able to talk with encryption, with another person using Android. I suppose it’s a matter of updating on a large scale and, therefore, may be happening gradually, or some temporary halt in one of our smartphones.

There Is Competition, But Does Not Scale

WhatsApp is not the only one to offer encryption end-to-end. The Telegram, accused of being the preferred tool of communication of the Islamic State, also has the feature. The difference is that there it only works in the Secret Chat mode, while in WhatsApp it is standard and impossible to disable.

Besides Telegram, are also considered safe by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization that seeks to protect the rights to freedom of expression also in the digital environment, the apps ChatSecure the TextSecure. Including, for eff WhatsApp is a step back insurance chats Telegram and the other because their code is not open to independent reviews can be made.

In addition to what competitors offer and all the security and privacy that WhatsApp begins to provide, to extend the encryption end-to-end all the work, automatically, the app moves to the life of a billion people, people who might not understand what it all means. And that to open this precedent among the messengers apps, WhatsApp purchase a very big fight with governments and the justice of several countries where it is a success, like Brazil.

The Soviet Union to Justice

From the time that the app was purchased by Facebook, the CEO and founder of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, is hitting keys as advertising, privacy and security. According to Koum, the question is too personal, especially after WhatsApp turned target processes. “I grew up in the Soviet Union during the communist regime, and the fact that people could not speak freely is one of the reasons that made my family moved to the United States.”

Out the personal stories of one of its founders, WhatsApp made ​​clear in his statement that the novelty has to do with the increasingly frequent demands of justice, including Brazil, where the vice president for Latin America Facebook, Diego Dozdan was arrested for not meet the requests of the judiciary and where, in November 2015, WhatsApp was blocked for 12 hours by similar reason.

For a few years before being large, popular and part of criminal investigations, WhatsApp did not care so much about issues such as security and privacy, details how this article Pando. However, since 2013 something changed. Just note the tone of the statement:

Every day we see stories about improperly accessed or stolen sensitive records. And if nothing is done, more digital information and communication between people will be vulnerable to attacks in the years to come. Fortunately, encryption, end-to-end protects us from these vulnerabilities. Encryption is one of the most important tools that governments, companies and individuals have to promote safety in the new digital era. Recently there has been much discussion about the encrypted services and the work of justice. While we recognize the important work of Justice to keep people safe, efforts to weaken the encryption risk exposure information from users of the abuse of cyber criminals, hackers and oppressive regimes.

Faced with this news, it is possible that the Justice Department get in fights like the FBI and the US Department of Justice against Apple in the iPhone of San Bernardino shooters. Neither the FBI nor the DOJ wanted to comment on the news WhatsApp to Wired, nor about the fact that its leaders refuse to open a back door (backdoor) to when the justice and governments require access to messages sent by the app. According to the New York Times , the Justice Department was preparing to go after WhatsApp on similar issues to what happened in Brazil. And now?

It is important to remember that in several episodes that WhatsApp was required to cooperate, including in Brazil, there were other ways of trying to intercept criminals. In the terrorist attacks in France, for example, they were used SMS messages and phones without encryption, as notified ArsTechnica .

Here, the lawyer specializing in digital rights Adriano Mendes already hit the ball that the police could make use of other data in the search for criminals, as the location of the devices that exchange messages, whether or not of WhatsApp. Deivison, the forensic expert who spoke to the User’s Manual explains: “Even if a sender is sending encrypted messages to a recipient, you can still use the conversation metadata, ie, information about when and from which phone these messages were sent. You can not say or know the contents of what was spoken, but it is possible to establish the connection between two phones and say that the phone ‘John Doe’ exchanged messages with the ‘John Doe’. “

The issue of privacy is that it does not tolerate exceptions. If one is open, its effectiveness can never be guaranteed again.

As pointed out the author of the article from Wired, Cade Metz, this is the knack of Silicon Valley: billionaires with sweatshirts and T-shirts to kangaroo style that did something huge because they wanted and just because they could. The encryption end-to-end is largely a positive end-user point of view, which has more security and gain more privacy, but what if these billionaires to do something that is not so beneficial? Who would stop them?


No, Samsung’s Smart TVs Do Not Spy on Your Conversations

In early 2015, Samsung has discovered the damage that a poorly worded phrase can cause. The privacy policy of its Smart TVs said (translation):

Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through the Speech Recognition use.

The Internet and discovered theories began to emerge mixed with doses (justified, I would say) revolt. In no time someone drew the parallel with 1984, the famous dystopian novel by George Orwell – and there was worse.

For reasons that escape me it returned to circulate on social networks now, a year after the scandal( One of the original posts of the controversy , the BBC, February 5 201). Outside the timing or not, is a good opportunity to revisit the subject and understand what actually happens.

Your TV Can Hear You – and All Is Well

These voice information can be transmitted and are even, but not for nefarious purposes. It is not the objective of Samsung know the gossip told in the TV room; collecting, sending and processing of what is spoken has a very specific goal, which is to enable and enhance voice commands to control the TV.

A few years ago that not only Samsung, but several manufacturers allow this type of interaction. Because not all have expertise or infrastructure to collect and process on their own the avalanche of data that use generates, specialized third parties are hired. This is the case of Samsung.

Note that, today, with personal assistants present in many devices, this type of collection and analysis recurs. The Apple’s Siri, Google Now, the Cortana and the Xbox One from Microsoft, Alexa Amazon, all work with voice commands to work even better, without requiring us to change the syntax of natural language for a list of robotic predetermined commands, analyze what is spoken.

All of these, including the Samsung TV, also have another similarity: they are not recording the audio around continuously. Each system has a keyword that triggers the “ears” virtual assistant/voice recognition system. It is the “Ok Google” Google, or “Hey Siri” Apple. In the case of Smart Samsung TVs, “Hi TV” (obviously in English, do not know how it works in Brazil).

There was a justification, little commented during the protests last year, but relevant in this matter. A privacy policy is a serious document that regulates the company limits in the relationship with the customer. Although Samsung did not practice this constant surveillance, the mere fact that it is provided in politics was bad. The pressure, though for the wrong reason, has paid off and today, the policy brings a very different text :

You can control your Smart TV and many of its functions via voice command.

If you enable the voice recognition function, you can interact with your Smart TV using your voice. To provide the voice recognition feature to you, some voice commands can be transmitted (along with information about your device, including but not limited to, device identification) to a service provider (now Nuance Communications, Inc.) that converts voice to text and a file format that is necessary for the operation of the voice Recognition feature. In addition, Samsung may collect and your device may capture voice commands and associated texts to provide you the Voice Recognition feature, as well as evaluate and improve this feature. Samsung will collect your voice command only when you perform a search Smart TV, activating this function by remote control or the screen and talking into the microphone of your remote control.

If you do not enable Voice Recognition, you can not use Speech Recognition feature, although you can control your TV using pre-defined specific voice controls.

You can disable the data collection Voice Recognition feature at any time by logging in the “settings” menu. However, this may prevent you from using some of the Voice Recognition capabilities.

Technology companies can be cruel and compactuarem with some reprehensible practices, but in this case it was just a writing failure.


The Best Ideas for Decorating – Do It Yourself

And who said that it is necessary to spend a lot to decorate? Just search the internet enough to find great DIY tips to put into practice. In addition to being beautiful, ideas are also super cheap to make. Find here great options on do-it-yourself decor and put into practice today. After all, nothing is better to decorate without having to spend so much for that, right?

But, after all, how to decorate? As I said, there are several choices to make. Some are easier, others more complicated. However, none is impossible to do. Just follow the step by step correctly, then I’m sure the result will be beautiful. It is possible to decorate any room in the house or apartment using creativity. It’s not as creative as well? Don’t worry. Here you can find tips and ideas to help to decor in simple and cheap way.

Which Ideas are Easy to Do?

You can decorate in an easy, simple and practical. For this reason, there are many people who have resorted to this kind of decor for the home. Check out here some DIY decorating options to do at home. How about decorate spending so little? Great idea, isn’t it? Then check out below the best tips to decorate your home.

Want to learn more about it? How about creating beautiful light fixtures of string? It is possible and very easy to make. To create this beautiful lamp you will need: String of the desired color, glue, bladder, brush. But be careful: Use only fake candle, which make use of batteries, or cold light to illuminate. Always remember that the material used is string. Therefore, never use real candle, eh?

Check out the step by step and put the idea into practice.

How to Choose Diving Mask

The diving brand Cressi is one of the most prestigious brands in the world, with the Italian factory, assembling some products in its catalog, like the classic Cressi Big Eyes, which revolutionized the world of diving masks, with their lenses arranged in angle, offering unprecedented viewing angles. The new Big Eyes Evolution brings about the classic design refinements of the new century, using new materials and engineering to increase the comfort and durability of the mask.

With regard to equipment of diving, Cressi has more extensive catalogs, and the same is true in the particular case of the masks, but do you know what features you should look for in a mask and how they influence their usefulness, comfort and performance?

Because We Need a Diving Mask?

The main reason is in the eye. Masks are made to focus out of the water, so once immersed they cannot capture an image with such clarity. A diving mask creates a barrier between our eyes and the water, with focus and properly view to the underwater environment with greater clarity.

It is important to fit face with a diving mask, which should be as airtight as possible, to avoid discomfort, tiredness, dullness and water leakage. Of course, some water can always get into miniature quantities, but the fit of the mask on the face is an element to be taken into account.

Then we have the odd inclusion of nose in the mask. This is an intelligent solution, as it allows engineering exhale through the nose into the mask, filling it with air to equalize the internal pressure exerted by the water. As the pressure increases, and if we don’t have this, the water compresses the mask, causing discomfort and water entry. If water accumulates, the vent helps in their expulsion. However, some masks Cressi have a purge valve for this purpose.

Cressi Mask for Every Need

Time to look for a diving mask, the first question you should ask is: what kind of mask you want. Freediving or spearfishing can have very different requirements in terms of depths of dive or necessary viewing angles. Cressi masks for diving are also more flexible for sports to the surface to resist pressure better in the deep waters.

This is the first and fundamental division between the various types of masks: the double lens (Cressi Superocchio or Big Eyes) or single lens (such as Cressi F1), the latter having a front element without interruption in the middle and therefore allowing a greater field of view. The disadvantage of the latter mask is not able to replace the source lenses for prescription lenses in the case of people who suffer from myopia. Another advantage of double lens mask is having a smaller volume of air, requiring less effort to equalize pressure.

The shape of the lens is also important. If you’re not going to dive with equipment, rectangular lenses can serve, but the water drop-shaped reversed lens such as the Cressi Big Eyes allow to see your chest and equipment in front of you better.

However, divers looking for little creatures to photograph may prefer more restricted fields of vision to focus their eyes on small areas with no distractions.

Then there is the way the lenses fit on a full face mask. While some masks have molded directly into the Cressi protection of silicone seal, others have a frame, such as Cressi Focus. Once again, the frame is important so we can repair some problems or replace the original lenses for other lenses more easily.

Another important difference to consider is the type of silicone seal, with the transparent and the opaque. In underwater photography, models prefer transparent models because when more light comes in, transparent model give a more natural look to creatures’ faces, but the photographers prefer opaque shades to avoid unwanted reflections while looking through the camera. But the truth is that for those who practice snorkeling near the surface, opaque shades can be better because it prevents the light that penetrates the water between themselves in the shade and create reflections that disturb the vision. But if the black masks are too claustrophobic for you, why not try a blank?

Another feature related to the type of lenses and seal is the internal volume: the higher the volume, the more necessary it becomes to expire for the interior as we descend. The low volume masks such as Cressi Minima are preferred by divers in apnoea because they use the air contained in the lungs to equalize the pressure.

Are you ready to find the diving mask ideal for you?

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How to Choose a Necklace

Give light to the face and embellish, without weighing it down, any look for day or for the evening. Obviously we are talking necklaces, unique accessory and which style will be difficult to do without. Let the green proposals and embellished your outfit by choosing from chokers and turns of exquisite elegance of pearls.

Necklaces, a never-ending story

To attract the attention, to feel like princesses and to illuminate the light reflection face: the necklaces are stylish detail that cannot fail in the toilets of a woman. From the cradle we have “embellished” with chains medal with little habit of vanity when we were still in diapers and since then the necklaces have remained faithful friends and traveling companions. Today we could not do without wholesaleably, because the necklaces are the stylish touch it takes to complete the set office, because capable of giving a touch of elegance even to a soft white shirt. Including necklaces and long necklaces, necklaces and chains vintage multi strand the choice is really wide and it will be impossible not to be seduced by the charm that these masterpieces of jewelry exert on us women.

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Benetton Swimwear Online Shopping

Benetton shows us pictures of his collection of swimwear for the ‘summer 2013 collection of accessories and beachwear to complete each look. The brand specializes in bright and colorful articles, also thinks this year a saucy and playful collection where you will find bikinis to suit all tastes, from those with the triangle, to models with strapless band, to swimsuits offered in uni versions combined, in color block or sparkling prints. No shortage caftans, minidress, flip flops and bags coordinated. But let’s look at Benetton summer proposal more closely.

Summer is almost upon us and costume fitting or not, it is time to equip ourselves with a glamorous bikini to close the suitcase for vacation. We have already had occasion to take a look at a very interesting proposals, such as Golden Point this year has invested in pregnancy swim shorts with mood and romantic chic, or that of Triumph that has not given up on motifs floral print, real mania this year.

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Simple Short Prom Dresses

Simple short prom dresses. The simple dresses are fun because they allow to use accessories of all kinds precisely by its main feature: the simplicity, which makes that you can vary with everything and that you can use with other pieces to make it not look as if you are repeating the clothes too.

Just imagine, if you use a print prom dress with flowers, with a huge collar and a tail of 2 meters, is something that you will never use. If you rather use a simple black dress that gave life with a few fabulous accessories, then is better for your Pocket because can use it several times with a bit of camouflage.

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Celebrity Party Short Dresses

The most famous women in the world are the first to show us the latest trends in fashion, Hollywood is who have a constant showcase of beautiful prom dresses in their big stars. And there is no why deny it, many we look at these models carrying them, to then decide that we are going to wear when we go to a party, a wedding or any important event that we have.


Over time we have given account than a beautiful body is not that slim body, but the more proportioned, with beautiful curves and well well balanced. A sexy woman is nothing more or less than that which your body likes and cherishes it enough, that also respected by Technology-wiki.

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Plus Size Knitted Sweaters

Even our grandmothers knew what was good and what we warmed up. The annual Christmas gift was a warm, hand-knit sweater. Although most of us on this gift, turned their noses up, the sweater was always well knitted and really warm on his chest.

Fall perhaps without warm sweaters can not even imagine. In the morning when we get up for work, a dress shirt and slacks, of course not miss sweater.

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Morellato Versailles Jewelry Collection

Luxury and opulence, these are the hallmarks of the new line of Morellato jewelry, wonderful Morellato Versailles collection, a very impressive collection inspired by the eighteenth century jewelry, Versailles and the most beloved queen of France and discussed of all time, Marie Antoinette. For us children of the 80’s this whole affair is called The Rose of Versailles, the famous cartoon that led us into the midst of the French Revolution, making us see the unbridled luxury up to the storming of the Bastille and the downfall of kings, in short with Morellato Versailles collection we will make a leap into the past, back to the golden age of France.

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