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How To Combine A Red Leather Jacket: 5 Basic Tips

The game that can give a leather jacketis amazing… Thousands are the combinations that you can create with it. It is the perfect garment to the puntazo any look: Ideal for accompanying party looks and super sugarcane to complete daily outfits. A few months ago I showed How to combine a black leather jacket and Black biker is a priori the choice standard when choosing a leather jacket, increasingly more colors that we find in shops and fashion blogs. Today I want to share these photos of a couple of weeks ago you can where do me with a perfect red jacket. I hope I inspire and give ideas to know As combine a jacket red leather.

This time combined it with black skinny jeans of this topos girs maxijersey of mcat-test-centers that you can now find and cropped cut super sale. It seems really fun! Pictures scarf and bag of points were my chosen to complete the look. What do you think?

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Consumed every day in the world millions and millions of plastic bottles , most of them end up as waste in any landfill. To try to raise awareness of the need to reduce our consumption of these bottles, we show you 5 reasons why we invite you to not buy plastic bottles, for the environment and for you.

Buy bottled water, carries an environmental impact not imagine, since we have the idea that bottled water is healthier than tap water. Associated with each bottle we eat, there is a production and recycling of bottles and labels, bottling and transport the product to its final destination. Unfortunately, in many places, drinking tap water is not routinely recommended for the amount of dissolved lime containing, and no other alternative than bottled water.

One buys bottled water because it is healthy, right? It is at least as we sell in ads with mountainous landscapes, forests, people doing yoga, etc. But bottled water is just water , unmemorable, is only drinking water. But with the money spent annually worldwide on bottled water, and spending that generates both plastic thrown away, could improve water public and not have the need to buy water in plastic bottles.


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How to Know If a Lingerie is Good?

Lingerie is all the same? It seems so, but not really. Perhaps the brand does not make much difference if you’re not a fan of the luxury market, but the selection is great and sometimes it is interesting to know a little more of this vast market to make the best purchases. Prices vary, as well as product quality and take the best also ensures a long-term investment. Nothing better than a panty that lasts more than two washes, is not it? And this is a matter of lingerie brands and price as well.

The range of lingerie materials is great, but not all are worth no matter how small the price. One of the most vendias is cotton, but there are a number of disadvantages. One is not withstand washings without losing the color is not pure cotton. The mixture of fabrics makes the weak material and tear or drop the seam is one of the most common problems. Nothing nice to be tinkering with home sewing your piece, is not it? Not cool. Already lycra, one of the fairest and resistant fabrics, supports several washings without wear and the best: price into account. However, it heats up a lot and some women suffer a bit with allergies, according to microedu. In cities hot is not the most appropriate tissues, unless made ​​compensation using light pieces like dresses and skirts.

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Indian Earrings Designs in Gold

Indian jewels are inspired worldwide in the category accessories. In Hindu culture, the ornaments are crucial to show power, elegance and also sovereignty before a group. It is crucial for an Indian bride wear many adornments throughout the body. And how well crafted jewelry, fashion pierced the east and is fever worldwide. The Indian earrings are widely sold in Brazil for years.


The coolest of Indian earrings is that they are totally timeless. Indian jewelry are cultural, that is, inspired in customs of the people there, who loves colors and prints and has strong shades like basis, and only. Do not follow fashion trends, so invest in models and they will be used over the years.

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Christmas Ornaments for the Garden

Christmas is a very special date commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas is really waiting for is where the streets are adorned, sell trade in embellishments, the houses are all adorned one more beautiful than the other, especially the garden of the house. Decorate a garden for Christmas is an activity that you and your parents will like it a lot, the garden will stay with a revamped with the Christmas spirit.

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Plus Size Lingerie by Marta Campos

Sexy, romantic, discreet or daring. What kind of woman you want to be today? Ladies, did you know that lingerie is our gift-wrap and says a lot about our intentions and wishes? Even if you are single, going to work in a suit oppressor, why not stuffing it with a thong of ounce? You might look cynical: “You have no idea how I’m under that look of the day“! Hahahaha! Of course we adhere to some daring skits to boot elected vents, but the lingerie is a gift to yourself for the most powerful inside! Of bloomers to tongues, the history of lingerie reveals much about the past, the present and the role of women over time. Imagine how much lingerie and its concept have changed over the past 100 years is fascinating, if only because many continue to exercise the same function, yet to come in completely different formats. Without doubt the underwear have an important mission in the history of the clothing, especially the feminine universe, where women came to wear corsets fatal to his ribs, bound her breasts for a more androgynous look and even burned Bras as a form of declaration of freedom!

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Jewelry for Men in History

Jewelry for men are a very sensitive subject, I state now, but I think it’s time to face it because I get to see things that humans cannot understand and I’m not going to be considered an accomplice, even just with my silence about it.

Jewelry for man in history

In fact, at the beginning of the Goldsmith jewelry for men were used to distinguish the authority, the military virtues, courage and power. Unbelievable but true, until the 18th century there was a clear distinction between jewelry for women and men because they were worn by both with the same vanity.
Wanting to delve into history, jewelry for men have played a great importance in different periods and past civilizations: from Renaissance Humanism, the tsars ‘ 700 to 18th-century English Lords. Yes: the luxury for a man expressed himself not only through her clothes, but also with the Pearl Jewelry, gemstones and diamonds to wear. Continue reading

Hats for Wedding Guests

Want to be the perfect wedding guest? Well, this trend points: hats become harder than ever for weddings spring-summer 2016. Inspired with these beauties offering from Cherubina. Undoubtedly, an ode to the hat.

“We wanted to make a collection hat only thus vindicating its classic elegance, without much artifice, sober and timeless , ” says a signature of “Another return to origins, but a fresh start fresh” they add.

You do not know Cherubina? It is a Sevillian company that produces handmade custom or limited series headdresses, hats and accessories to excel each client. The designer is Ana Garcia , who after starting his judicial career and tax realized that what made ​​him happy was the fashion design. He started making handbags and jewelry until their headdresses and hats spread all over Sevilla thanks to word of mouth. That’s what encouraged her to train at the prestigious London College of Fashion and open its first store in the Andalusian capital.

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How to Choose a Vintage Engagement Ring?

When planning a marriage proposal all passionate person has a big question: the vintage style engagement rings. The engagement is definitely the most important action that precedes the preparations for the big day being marked forever as a special date.

The antique ring jewelry started to become a tradition in 860 by Pope Nicholas decree, which must established as a public statement of commitment to the intention of the bride and groom, and should be used by both on the ring finger of the right hand. This tradition is adopted by most couples in Brazil, using the same engagement ring as a wedding ring, just changing from right hand to left.

In 1477 started the tradition of giving a loved one with an engagement ring diamond, unlike the original tradition, in which case only one of the bride and groom use the ring. The diamond ring is the strength of the relationship, since it lasts forever, and it is believed that marriage should be: eternal. The tradition of the diamond engagement ring is very adopted by English – speaking countries like the United States and England. In this case, the diamond ring is worn on the left hand until the wedding day, being exchanged for the right hand to place the wedding ring, which will also be used by the partner. Another option is to use the alliance of diamonds along with the wedding ring on the same finger.

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How to Wash a Padded Jacket

Starts to come the cooler, and you will get a jacket to be needed to keep warm. If you are removing winter clothes and you’ve found your stained padded jacket, it’s time to ask yourself what to do to wash. It is possible that until now had not done any fault, or even pensases that can not be washed. But as almost any garment, one is also can be cleaned, and from we explain how to wash a padded jacket.


  1. Thequilted jackets despite having a filling that protects us from the cold, can be washed without any problem. Just take note of the information that is in the garment label.

There is a cliché that this type of cheap clothing can only be dry cleaned, it is actually not the best way because the chemicals deteriorate much filling.

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