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Nokia Lumia 1320 in China Already Available

Even before the planned release date in January the Finnish Smartphone manufacturer Nokia brought 1320 the Nokia Lumia in the shops in China. There, the Smartphone with the huge, 6-inch display is already available. Here in Germany the sales launch of the Nokia Lumia is planned in the first quarter of 2014 1320.

Since yesterday, the Nokia Lumia is 1320 in China to buy. Actually there should be only from January in China to buy the huge Smartphone that is equipped with the Windows phone operating system, via Nokia conversations Finns have announced now, however, that the sale of Nokia Lumia 1320 yesterday started in China. In Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, the phone comes out in the next few weeks – when 1320 manages the Nokia Lumia to us in stores, is not yet clear, in any case it will be but in the first quarter of the new year – we’ll keep you informed.

The Nokia Lumia 1320 is the little sibling of the also available Lumia 1520. The Lumia 1320 but also pretty fast and has LTE and a 6-inch IPS display, the resolution but is not in full HD, but only a 720 p resolution. Otherwise the facilities of Lumia is 1320 a little smaller: the Lumia 1320 has a Snapdragon S4 strong cores two 1.7-gigahertz processor, a rather small internal memory and a 1 GB memory with 8 GB size. And instead of 20 megapixel resolves the Lumia 1320 only with 5 mega pixel camera and the Pureview camera technique of big brother does not even have the.

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Have Fun Safe Pool Games

Mattresses and pool guarantee the enjoyment and protection of users

Summer, one of the most anticipated season is coming and your pool needs to be ready to shine. For the moments of fun and relaxation to get even better, bet on the mattress pool.

In it, you can lie and sunbathe comfortably in the water, as the mattress found in simple versions and double, has a headrest. Moreover, the accessory adds you summer activity more fun, since the pile loves using this type of part to increase the games. But the mattress is not only useful at the time of fun. The piece also helps in practical exercises such as water aerobics.

Full fun and more safety

Other accessories for pool also complete the fun. With spaghetti (foam pipes made of polyethylene), you will float and keep only part of the body of water.

Buoys and life jackets that have adaptive seat belts are responsible for the safety of both children and adults. With children’s themes, floats for children will ensure their protection in the pools.

HTC One Successor Comes out in Spring

Long it will probably no longer be: at the beginning of the year, HTC will present the successor to its flagship HTC one of public. The rumors about the HTC one vote succeeded, the new HTC one 2 has a 5-inch display. Powerful quad core processor should make for a decent performance from a 2.5 GHz.

End of February held the Mobile World Congress 2014 (MWC) – and it is very likely that there will be presented the new HTC one 2 for the first time to the public. Already before the release some details of the facilities of the Smartphone have emerged: the new HTC one 2 looks very similar to the old one, it probably Gets a pretty metal housing. Probably same main camera with 4 megapixel ultra like on the HTC one is installed at the new smartphone. The size of the display has changed: it has become slightly larger with 5 inch screen size. Remained the same, the resolution is for this: as in the 4.7-inch display of the HTC one, the HTC one 2 has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. As the operating system the Smartphone will very likely get the new Android 4.4 Kit Kat. It is about as likely that the HTC one of 2 with the new Qualcomm quad core processor Snapdragon 805 with 2.5 GHz clock will be equipped. The internal memory of the Smartphone will be probably 32 GB, in addition, 2 GB RAM available should be the HTC one 2.

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Galaxy Alpha: So It Looks Like.

It Has, Can the Galaxy Alpha

The Galaxy Alpha is the iPhone from Apple – so much advance time. Many secrets Alpha surrounding the new chic Galaxy, are already revealed: a British online store was the new noble Samsung Smartphone, which look even thinner than the iPhone 5 S, time very shortly. You want to learn more? Here learn more!

Attack is the best defence, one has thought himself in the executive suite of Samsung as one again with the arch rivals Apple and its iPhone 6, which will be out soon. A battle plan was required and the Galaxy came out alpha. A really nifty Smartphone that should awaken desires when Apple customers. And for some it is determined that: the Galaxy Alpha is even flatter than the 7.6 millimeters thick iPhone 5S with 6 mm. In the UK online shop mobile fun was the Galaxy Alpha temporarily to see on the main technical characteristics have been a pre order page. A price also stood: the shop owner for the noble phone wanted to 549 pounds, converted almost 700 euros – will cost so much, as well as an iPhone 5S.

The Galaxy Alpha is probably stuck in a plastic housing with metal frame and ppi have a 4.7-inch super-AMOLED display with a HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a pixel density of 320. An OCTA-core processor in conjunction with 2 GB RAM promises a decent performance, probably 32 GB of internal memory will be great. The camera technology, too, there are details: the Galaxy Alpha has a main camera with 12 megapixels, which throws in just 0.3 seconds. Features in addition to a live preview for HDR images also have the opportunity to see photos focus to move. The front camera has 2.1 mega pixels. As the operating system, Alpha Android version is 4.4 Kit Kat in the Galaxy. The battery of the Galaxy has a capacity of 1,850 Alpha mAh. It is still completely unclear if and when the Galaxy emerges Alpha with us.

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More Space: 128 GB Memory Card for Your Data!

The 128 GB Memory Card from Sandisk Gives You More Space for Your Data

Memory SanDisk has recently introduced a new 128 GB microSD card. The most premium smartphones, whose store is extensible, using a microSD card are however designed according to the manufacturer’s instructions only for a maximum of 64 GB additional memory. Here we go: at the latest smartphones card works but the 128 GB! The new memory card SanDisk presented end of February, has considerable 128 GB disk space! The 128 GB memory card differs in size, nor in the form of the previous microSD cards. The standard has only changed: SanDisk is no longer on the microSD-HC standard, but on microSD-XC, which introduced GB memory card with 64. All smartphones and tablets, which have no card reader for microSD-XC standard, may no longer recognize the 128 GB memory card, because they use a different file system with exFAT.

Newer smartphones as for example the Sony Xperia Z1, the Sony Xperia Z1 compact or the Sony Xperia Z2 and the Samsung smartphones Galaxy S4 and Galaxy note 3 see the microSD-XC standard already at the factory and can be equipped also with a 64 GB memory card–usually, which stands in the datasheet of the Smartphones. The highlight is now: all Android or Windows 8 Smartphones that are compatible GB memory card with a 64, can SanDisk that also a larger 128 GB memory card read. Although it nothing in the data sheet is available! In other words, that all who have one of the latest smartphones to confidently can lie to the 128 GB memory card from SanDisk!

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Sony Xperia A2: Comes the Mini Branch Without 4K-Kamera?

Is the Sony Xperia A2 but not the little brother of the Sony Xperia Z2? Whose main focus is known to be on the camera with your 4K-Videos can absorb. Such a technique is available for the Sony Xperia A2 however not available, as a new leak suggests. That would explain the naming of the Smartphone.

Only a few days ago pictures from a brochure were surfaced on the net, which shows the Xperia A2 – the naming caused surprise. Now reported Xperia blog therefore the upcoming Smartphone no absorption of 4K-Videos will support about a further extract from a brochure. This is unexpected because this camera technique actually is at the heart of the Japanese Xperia Z2. Perhaps this also explains why the Xperia A2 not as Xperia Z2 compact and compact version of the top smartphones – referred to as the differences might be too big.

The Xperia A2 with a 4.3-inch display that represents a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels should be equipped according to the previous state. When the processor, Sony on the Qualcomm Snapdragon could put 800 or 801, in addition to 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of Flash memory used. The Smartphone should appear in the colours grey black, white, purple and orange.

At the Sony Xperia Z2 Overheating is Threatened by 4K-Aufnahmen

The 4K-Videos are one of the most important features of the Xperia Z2 – however the camera technology in the new flagship seems to be not quite balanced. Users in Singapore have reported that the Smartphone taking long 4K-Videos’m too hot and it then comes to a crash or to turn off the unit before the Germany release. At least, the Xperia A2 should not have this problem.

Galaxy K: Samsung Reveals Germany Release and Price

The mystery of the name had solved Samsung last week: Galaxy K is called the Smartphone with camera including ten-fold optical zoom. And now, it is also clear that you no longer must wait on the device and how much you pay.

In Germany, Samsung seems to see particular potential for its camera smartphone hybrid Galaxy K. It’s so anyway, explaining that the German Department of the Korean electronics manufacturer has announced on Monday as the first official release and the price for the device. In mid-May, there’s the Galaxy K at the price of 519 euro (RRP). Not a bargain, but for that the 4.8-inch Smartphone offers something that other devices do not have: A 20.7-mega pixel camera with ten-fold optical zoom.

20.2 Mm at the Widest Point

The advantage of the optical zoom is obvious and is evident in close sessions collected objects in photos. While conventional Smartphone cameras with digital zoom simply extrapolate such images, a photo with optical zoom is genuine. Although the Galaxy has a real camera lens K, it’s not flagrantly out thick. But 20.2 mm deep at the widest point, are about compared to the 8.1 millimeters of the current Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 already a larger number than the other smartphones.

Wi-Fi is Short for “Wireless Fidelity”

Wi-Fi is short for “Wireless Fidelity”, which stands for wireless fidelity, in English. Wi-fi, or wireless is a technology which does not make use of cables, and is usually transmitted via radio frequency, infrared etc.

Wi-fi requires no license for installation and/or operation. To access a wi-fi network it is necessary to be in the area of an access point, called a hotspot, or in public places that have wi-fi. To use, you must have a mobile device such as laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can access the internet with ease.

Some people confuse free internet wi-fi, which is a mistake, because wi-fi means just that place has wireless internet, but in public places such as restaurants, airports, shopping malls etc, it is necessary to pay a fee or purchase a product to take advantage of the benefit.

Currently, virtually all notebooks come standard with devices to access wi-fi.

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Polaroid Blipfoto: The Comeback Of The Photo Album

Every day a photo: the camera producer Polaroid launches with the online service of Blipfoto a digital photo album for mobile devices and therefore goes into competition with Instagram.

Only One Photo Per Day

To survive in the digital age, Polaroid continually searches for new ideas and business fields. The latest attempt is the app Polaroid Blipfoto. Blipfoto is a service from the UK, where users every day take a photo of yourself. The cooperation with the cult camera brand means a relaunch and new mobile applications for the portal.

Polaroid Blipfoto The Comeback Of The Photo Album

Polaroid Blipfoto is to reach Android and iOS app available and also via the browser. The Platform wants to be the opposite of Instagram and similar photo apps, and allows only one photo per day instead of myriad of posts. With the app, user should digital document their lives with images. Unlike other services, Polaroid Blipfoto also stores the images in high resolution.

Polaroid Blipfoto Initially Free Of Charge And Ad-Free

Polaroid and Blipfoto share the same objectives, explain the two in the official blog. And join forces, these objectives were to achieve faster. Blipfoto has been online since 2006 and generated 1.8 million photos per day according to its own figures, the users come from 170 countries. So far, the revised service is ad-free and the app for free. The two partners with premium services in the app want to make money.

ASUS Indicates Smartphone Camera With Optical Zoom

New ASUS Zenfone with optical zoom already to the CES by 2015? Asus has released a video on YouTube, in which the outstanding feature of the new Zenfones via Morse code is submitted. To simplify the translation, the Morse code as lines and points are shown. How have previous videos is also this film under the slogan “see what others can’t see” (see what others cannot see).

Thus substantiates the suspicion that itself had already imposed by the last video of ASUS: is shortly to a Smartphone, which has two cameras on the back in the film published on Facebook, GigaOM reports. With two separate lenses, the camera can simultaneously record probably two pictures of an object are added together at the end to a photo. This enables sharper pictures especially in the mid-range magnification.

Presentation At CES By 2015

Because the new video reference Electronics Show 2015 at the end of the consumer, which takes place between the 6th and 9th January in Las Vegas, it is very likely that ASUS will introduce its new smartphone on the event to the public. Apparently, ASUS plans an appropriate event to which there should be also a live stream for January 5.