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Microsoft Lumia 1040? Tea Image Should Show 1020 Successor Of Lumia

1040 is approaching the release of the Microsoft Lumia? The renowned technology blogger and leak expert Evan Blass, who better is known under the name @evleaks, the photo of a part of a suspected new smartphone of the Lumia series published on his Twitter channel.

The image is blurred almost beyond recognition – but a great camera lens is just as plain to see as a dual-LED flash in placed, Nokiapoweruser reported. This writes pale: “don’t give up hope, windows fans.” (translated: “don’t give up the hope, Windows fans.”). Because of that the camera is set to the image in the foreground, if it were likely to be a successor to the Lumia 1020–possibly the Lumia 1040.

Lumia Smartphone With 50-MP Camera?

End of 2014 there had been rumors that Microsoft with the Lumia 1030 or 1040 1020 wants to bring out a successor to the Lumia. A concept had surfaced that a camera with a resolution of 50 MP wrote to the Smartphone – the 42-MP camera at Lumia 1020 not too far-fetched conjecture.

Neither the image nor the text by Evan Blass shed light on, what is actually hidden behind the blurry image. With the release of Windows 10 for smartphones, which should show, whether Microsoft really 1020 develops a successor of Lumia – and what can make the camera of smartphones.

Rumor of the Day: MySpace with Neck on the Guillotine

It took two dozen words of the president of News Corp., Chase Carey, to spring up the rumor that MySpace should end soon. During a conference call with analysts yesterday, Carey said “we know that MySpace is a problem” and that “current losses are not acceptable or sustainable.” Despite the recent redesign and change of logo, MySpace can not traffic enough to stay profitable. Carey did not reveal how long he will give the current site of the team to recover.

Camera Comparison: iPhone 6 S Vs. LG G4, Galaxy S6, Mate S & Xperia Z5 Compact

How well is the new camera beats the iPhone 6 s compared to the iPhone 6, we have already reviewed. Now, I wanted to know how well Apple’s new smartphone makes as it assumes the best Android smartphones against: the LG G4 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 have convinced us in the spring of their qualities, we have, however, recently the Huawei Mate S and the Sony Xperia Z5 compact in the hand. Now I was with all five devices on photo tour in Hamburg, Germany.

Camera Comparison iPhone 6 S Vs. LG G4, Galaxy S6, Mate S & Xperia Z5 Compact-1

To the specs: despite the 12 megapixel iPhone 6 s in this comparison that has still the lowest resolution. The mate S is 13 megapixels just over it, the Galaxy S6 and the LG G4 have a significant advantage with 16 megapixels and Sony Z5 Compact is based at the small Xperia proud 23 megapixels.

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Organization Wants to Create Torrent Site in Space

It may seem an idea through absurd and megalomaniac tendencies but resists the urge to laugh, dear reader. The spark that started this fire seems to be very serious and came from an organization that takes seriously its objectives: the Pirate Parties International, an organization that brings together all the pirates parties in 50 countries they are present. Again, I ask you to hold back laughter at least until the end of the post. Continue reading

Instagram: Register Multiple Accounts In Ios App Possible

At last! Instagram can use multiple accounts simultaneously. First users of iOS version of the photo app can login with multiple accounts at the same time and quickly between them back and forth.

Instagram Register Multiple Accounts In Ios App Possible-1

Instagram eliminates a major annoyance. So far one could apply only to a user account in the photo app. Who cared for more than one account, had previously repeatedly off and login – or use several smartphones. So that seems finally to be coming soon. At least the makers report of app Latergram in her blog that first users of the iOS version of Instagram can log on at the same time with multiple accounts.

Available So Far Not Yet Available For All Users

The new function in the iOS app of the journalist Jess Goodwin is noticed. The corresponding menu item hiding at the bottom in the settings of the application between the “Clear search history” and “Logout”.

Already in November Instagram tested the simultaneous application in the beta version of its Android app several accounts. The tests however still don’t seem to have satisfied the developer, because in a final version for all users it hasn’t yet delivered multiple sign.

Instagram Register Multiple Accounts In Ios App Possible-2

We keep our fingers crossed that not only all iOS users quickly get the update by Instagram, but that soon also Android users with multiple accounts can log on. At least, it would facilitate maintaining the CURVED Instagram accounts.

Research Shows That 4 in 5 People Lie More on Twitter

As I say the fictional Dr. Cal Lightman, the truth is that you mind all day. And according to a survey conducted in the UK, this is not unique to real life: people lie on Twitter too. Astonished? And me neither. The survey questioned 2,000 British internet users and found that only 20% do not lie both on Twitter and in real life. With regard to messages via phone, the survey found that men are 21% more dishonest than women.

Facebook Goes to Orkut Users Hunting Again

TB readers will remember when Facebook launched a tool that taught the members of the social network to export their contacts from Orkut and add them on Facebook. If you do not remember, here’s a link to refresh the memory. Shortly after, as if by magic, Google changed its data export policy and removed the option to export emails from orkut friends, it was like the Facebook profiles found. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S7: First Photo Shows Special Camera In The Wild

The back of the Galaxy S7 should look like: website review DAO, a photo was published showing alleged Samsung’s upcoming flagship model. Particularly striking is the camera of the device.

The probability that the photo is a true image of the Galaxy S7 was very high according to the boy genius report. So many of the details match those of previous leaks, as the rounded edges on the back of the Smartphone. Also were the keys for volume control and an on camera Flash to exactly the places that were predicted for this in rumors of late. The Samsung logo can be seen like a sticker, which indicates an of internal memory of of size of 32 GB as well.

Special Camera

Especially the camera of the alleged Galaxy S7 is striking: this according to boy genius report different supposed as known Smartphone cameras. Only recently had the leak expert Evan Blass aka @evleaks predicted that the camera lens is hardly out of the housing should protrude – what is confirmed by the now published photo. May, establishing the camera has to do something with the VR feature that has been promised several times after the Smartphone.

The camera of the Galaxy S7 to resolve by default only with 12 MP, but deliver better image quality than the previous Galaxy S6 with a 16 MP camera. Probably we will get certainty about the features of smartphones soon: on February 21, 2016, the unpacked event to take place on the allegedly also the Galaxy S7 edge is revealed. We have collected for you in an overview of all information and rumors.

Samsung Galaxy S7 First Photo Shows Special Camera In The Wild

Zoar with Street View Became Easier in Italy

You may have seen some zoações of passersby in Street View. They saw the car, knew the service and made ​​to pose to appear. A girl has even played dead and stopped the Street View inadvertently wanting. And the Italians now have a great advantage in this field. A decision of the Italian Court of privacy obliges Google to publish in newspapers, radio and on a website by which streets the Street View cars will spend three days before they leave. Can not wait for bundalelês and marriage proposals.