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ASUS New Padfone Review: the Successful Marriage

The latest in niche series from Asus delivers horsepower in stylish design-but the quality is not quite on a par with its competitors.

The original Asus Padfone was presented in 2011, which is an Android smartphone with its tablet. The special was that the Tablet has not even had the barges, but was instead driven by Padfone phone as a hybrid concept.

One and a half years after arrived the successor Asus Padfone 2 with upgraded hardware and specifications.

Now the company is back with The New Padfone which again distancing itself from competitors’ mindset that smartphone and tablets should be connected at a distance. Continue reading

Yippee! Subway Surfers Final for Windows Phone

The popular run games, with graffiti painter who must avoid the law’s long arm, is at long last ready for Windows Phone.

If one throws his love of Windows Phone, one must live with the fact that developers overlook platform to some extent, for the benefit of Android and iOS.

It’s probably also the reason why the popular mobile game, Subway Surfers, only now has received its final debut on the Microsoft Mobile platform.

In this first version of the game, which comes as a Christmas gift in December, is the theme very appropriate “Christmas” and on London’s rail system, you must avoid the acidic Inspector and his dog. The Inspector is for the occasion wearing a red Santa Claus costume and a stocking Cap.

Tip: Five Sweaty Ski-Applications

Five apps that give you the best experience with your phone in your pocket and skis on the feet.

When Christmas and winter holiday goes against the snowy slopes, it might be nice to be prepared with the right ski-apps for your smartphone.

We have looked at some of the apps you can use when you need to plan your ski trip, learn technique or just get a map of the slopes.

Our site

The largest overview of ski you get with our site, with more than 4,800 destinations included. Continue reading

The Mobile Site Will Announce: This Year’s Cost-Conscious Mobile

Christmas lasts long and mobiles will cost a lot of money. What is the best for the price?

2013 was the year where smartphones was a mainstream activity, but it is not only the most expensive flag ships that have made the Danes mobile. Much of the growth has come in force of the mid-range, which now serves up enough allowance for all budgets. We would therefore have voted the year’s best cost-conscious mobile.

And the nominees are:

HTC Desire 500-1500 kr.: With 4.3 “AMOLED display and a Snapdragon 200 is performance only just adequate. The camera, on the other hand, one (or more) classes of what one finds in this segment. Here is f/2.0 lens, 1/3.2 “sensor and 8 MP to play with.
Continue reading

Free Plex for Windows Phone 8

While users of iOS and Android has been able to use Plex since its introduction two years ago, the owners of a Windows phone had to do without. It’s that change in now.

App Plex, which gives you access to multimedia PC via your smartphone, the last two years been available, if you have either an iPhone or a smartphone with Android. It has meant that owners of a Windows smartphone may look enviously, while others streamed movies and music.

This should, however, be an end now, for Plex has just launched a version for Windows Phone 8. And although they have had two years to make the product better for iOS and Android, so they are still on shaky ground when it comes to Windows, and therefore has allegedly done free edition the first 30 days.

One of the new things in the Plex, which is now also available in 8 series, is HTTP Live Streaming. This should provide a higher resolution and at the same time could show more formats than ever before. As I said, the app is still in development, but the producers promise lots of updates in the near future.

Android Gets Called Our Site Feature

Google’s Android users is first in the queue to update of the popular skytjeneste our site, which can now share directly from the app.

It is more often than not, Apple’s iOS users who first gets the pleasure of updates from 3. party software for smartphones and tablets.

This time it’s Android users, who will now have direct sharing functionality to the popular our site service. It writes  on their blog.

For example, when you create a new folder, you can, via a small menu, share the folder as link or invite other Our site users to manage folder.

Removal of other users from the directory can also be made directly in the app. Our site can be downloaded for free in Google Play Big here.

The company brings in addition update for iOS devices at the beginning of the new year.


Mailbox App from Dropbox Now Speaks with iCloud

The intuitive mail client from Dropbox is now updated, and can be used with both iCloud and Yahoo Mail.

When it comes down to it, so the system is on Apple’s devices tremendously easy to use, mainly because the options are extremely limited.

It is also seen in Mail app that is not full of groundbreaking features or disruptive elements.

It is preferred by some, but are you on the hunt for an alternative mail client, with more features, you should take a look at the app Mailbox. Continue reading

Chinese Xiaomi Explores Also Modular Smartphones

Not only Motorola sees opportunities in a modular smartphone also Xiaomi, toying with the idea shows a picture from their Director.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi rumored also to be associated with modular smartphones which can be tailored by specific parts so you can build its individually perfect smartphone.

An image has been shown online by Director Lei Jun, it shows a phone called Magic Cube which has places where individual parts of a phone can be upgraded, for example, you can insert a camera with better sensor.

Also Motorola explores the possibilities in these parts, however, a bit more ambitious, with the possibility of 3D-printer items as well as make it possible to replace more parts of the phone. In Xiaomis case, it does not appear to you would be able to switch the screen, it allows Motorola Project Ara is reported it.

The outcome can be gisnes about, but it’s not just Motorola who sees opportunities for a modular phone.

You Want to “Like” the New Video Ads from Facebook

The infamous video commercials from the social networking giant is neither forced nor distracting.

As late as yesterday there was rife rumors that Facebook would now introduce yourself-playback information video commercials, there also were forced.

Now Facebook has, in a press release, confirmed that they begin rollout of video advertising this week.

Facebook says also that they have been working on the possibility of better interageren with video since September. Continue reading