Monthly Archives: January 2016

Renew Your Bath Room and Forget the Rubble

When a few years ago we saw in some magazine of decoration or American film those lofts New York endless ceiling, informal aesthetic and materials in sight, seemed almost impossible to move those ‘trends’ to ‘real life’. However, nothing further from reality! Decoration can be treated as an art, to the extent that catch and inspired by different cultures and trends that allow it every day are left to be much more open and versatile. Continue reading

Your House Will Look Bigger with These Tricks for Windows

We have discussed sometimes tricks to make our House look more healthy, beautiful, bright, and comfortable as possible. Today we want to make mention of a part of our home in which, a priori, no repair especially, but which is the big reason that can hide behind a House  bright and cosy. Usually, a luminous House optically seems broader. If the light that we have is natural, better. If still not this aspect of your home you’ve raised you, but you like to look much more ‘appealing’ not only your eyes, but in the eyes of your guests, come with us! Continue reading

The Keys for a Nordic Touch to Your Home

Can you imagine a neutral, spacious and luminous space in your home? Do you think that it is only a matter of the living space? Thus undoubtedly depends on style, decoration and furniture distribution.
If you thinking more than once to give a different style to your home, I suggest opting for this style. The Scandinavian style brings subtlety, elegance and more light to the general atmosphere since it is a decorative style that opts for sobriety, as well as a minimalist twist that blends perfectly the current with the functional. Continue reading

Ideas Diy for Decorating Your Home, Do It Yourself!

We declare ourselves fans of DIY decoration! Equal will have nobody, you reflejarás your personality in it, give free rein to your imagination and, surely, until you save a little money. All are advantages! And how proud you’ll feel to see it finished? If you also want to experience that feeling, we invite you to put into practice some of these ideas. Continue reading