2016 Spring Women’s Fashion Trends

Ok, the days get longer but temperatures sometimes remain fresh. The solution? Lighter outfits can withstand showers with style.

At each change of season, it’s the same problem:”My winter business, I keep them or even put them away?” “And my summer business, I already get out or I wait a little?” Fortunately, there is a whole family of clothing polymorphic, easy to live in any season. Products able to cope with frequent changes in temperature in the spring while adding a touch of color, style, lightness and escape.

Topping spring clothing are:

– The trench: this classic brings a chic touch to any outfit, whether one is dressed in a simple jeans or a pencil skirt!

– Vests: if it’s hot, it easily replaces jacket; and when temperatures drop one carries under his trench coat.

– The tunics fluids: one plays their lightness to slide under a jacket or wear as it is if the weather allows.

– Marinières: their stripes announce the holiday edge sea!

– Long skirts: the mini can wait at 800ZIPCODES.COM. To go out without sticking, go to the lengths knee, mid-calf and extra long.

– Pastel colors: they boost our wardrobe and illuminate our complexion.

– The exotic prints: as scratches, their reasons sound like a summery taste.

– Jeans: their side gives the possibility all eccentricities. To you the shoes leopard, ethnic jackets or leopard prints.