20 Cheap Toys that You Loved As a Child

Turn Your Mind To The Past And You Will Remember Several Toys You Loved, And That Your Children Would Love To Win. This Article Will Have A Nostalgic Look For You.

Giving children presents is a source of great joy and fun for them as well as for those who gifted them. How nice to see bright, anxious, and curious eyes opening the packages and vibrating with what they have won.

Different from what adults think, children often ignore the value of the present. They like to get gifts of any value, as long as they meet their expectations or arouse their interest.

With Christmas coming, TV commercials make plenty of advertising for expensive, tech-filled toys. Therefore, my intention is to arouse the interest of the reader for simple toys, but that bring many benefits to the small.

Here are 20 inexpensive toy from http://www.behealthybytomorrow.com/2015/blade-rc-toys/ that help in the cognitive and motor development that will make the children happy and promote the interaction between them:

1 – Marbles.

2 – Bladders: Big ones to play or small to fill with water.

3 – Shuttlecock.

4 – Boomerang.

5 – Puppets.

6 – Plastic bowling kit .

7 – Kit for Frescobol .

8 – Kit for Tacobol .

9 – Kits for soap bubbles .

10 – Very large vinyl balls .

11 – Top .

12 – Stick Rods.

13 – Mini plastic or acrylic dishes .

14 – Jump rope (large or single).

15 – Elastic to jump.

16 – Subtraction 1.

17 – Button football.

18 – Magic Cube.

19 – Yo.

20 – Come and go .


  1. Some of the toys listed above can be used in different games.If you search the web, you will find various jokes suggestions and a description of their rules.
  2. They are “old” toys, but still manufactured and not difficult to find.Many of them are found in 1.99 stores and toys.Look, however, to observe the origin of the toy, which must have the INMETRO seal.

If you, like me, cherish simplicity, will like the above suggestions. As they are cheap gifts, you can give more than one from the list, and you can also suggest them to others who will gift your children or other children in your family.

And if you’re over 30, you probably had a nostalgia for seeing all those toys that were on the rise when we were kids. The children in our time were so happy and fulfilled with so little! We did not have all the electronic paraphernalia that make kids today so sedentary and individualistic.

Make your children’s Christmas simpler and meaningful this year. May these toys be an instrument to promote kindness, unity, sharing, and love. And, above all, that they do not blur the main reason why we celebrate this important date.