15 Typical Dutch Things in the Streets of Amsterdam

I was going to class (cycling, naturally) when I stopped at a lighthouse. I was eager to pierce the lighthouse, a woman on the bicycle, talking to her cellphone. Of the thousands of different things that the Dutch do while pedaling, talking on the cellphone is certainly one of the most popular–perhaps because talking to the cell is one of the most popular activities here, point.

Anyway, wanting to share a moment of typicality Holandesística, I plundered the (now deceased) Sonyzinha and clicked. Just when I saw the photo at home, I noticed how much I had settled in the “registering typical moment of Queijolândia life mode” thing. There were so many characteristic details that my head almost exploded. To auto-evitar-me from entering spontaneous combustion, I gave myself to the work of adding notes to Flickr (click on the photo), but I can very well repeat them here for their delight and enjoyment of the concentrated Holandesisse.

Bikes on the street, as part of traffic, bikes parked in the bridge grid, a tram (tram)

(Not so typical, no car in sight)

Bridges (over channels, which are on the left, but did not come out in the photo).

Woman in Skirt (flitting without holding on wheels) and high heel pedaling

While you’re talking to your cell phone

On a bike with saddlebags

And Nene’s seat.

Man in blazer, social trousers and tennis pedaling

Sticking the lighthouse (one of the many distinctive native/foreign traits in Holland. Foreign to bike in the Red Lighthouse

With a bag of Albert Heijn hung on the bike.

No Helmets (ha! Helmets! “We’re not Americans. We know how to ride a bicycle…”

All bikes with lights, fenders, upright pedal position (not “crouched” like mountain-bikes)

and black.

Typical “shark tooth” marks indicating the preference

Duly ignored by everyone.

If the Scientific American article is right to claim that “[W] omen are considered an” indicator species “for bike-friendly cities for severe reasons,” and I think it is, Amsterdam is the most bike-friendly city in the world (and I think it is).

If you want, see more pictures of Amsterdam here at the Ducs (or photos of bikes).