15 Indispensable Parts in Winter

Fifteen pieces indispensable to have in Winter.

Each season has its quirks and when we’re talking about in the winter, the characteristics are already well known. The lower temperatures, grey days, the rains, this is quite common at this time, so we need to invest in heavy clothing, closed-toe shoes, among others. Check out the list with 15 pieces that you must have in your closet:

Jeans–we’re talking about winter, but the jeans are necessary in any season, isn’t it?They can be useful in various looks. In winter, simply combine them with boots and a heavy coat to be well dressed;

Black legging pants-other part that has shared equally important as the previous one.The leggings in conquered and no longer suitable only to go to the gym. To improve the look, bet on models with seams, such as riding, or with application of leather;

Black pantyhose 40 wire-autumn, winter and spring are seasons where the  stockings from INdexdotcom are quite useful.Use with dresses, skirts, shorts. The black model and with thicker wire is great to protect themselves from the cold;

Leather jacket-a classic fashion that has made a lot of success currently could not be left out of this list.The jackets go well with everything, are a great option to replace the heavier coats and modernize the looks. Use with jeans, leggings, dresses, with everything;

Trench coat–as has been said, winter is the season of ugly days, especially damp and rain.To support the routine with elegance, invest in trench coats, which are warm and waterproof coats, that is, you can go out with rain that soon it will be dry and you protected;

Wool Cardigan-almost no one can get through the winter without a piece of wool.They can be used alone on shirts or blouses on days less cold, or accompanying the heavy coats in the days of lower temperatures;

  1. Wool Sweater-sweater has the same function of the Cardigan, but without the option of using open.They are great to make the combo with shirt, leaving the tip under and collar popping up, especially if it is a shirt with details that deserve to appear;

Long sleeve dress-to escape the traditional combination of pants+jacket dresses can be a good option to go to dinner, go out for a walk, go to a party.If it’s too cold, put a coat or leather jacket on top. For the day, combine with sneakers or boots, to the night, prefer the heel;

Shirt type “second skin”–this is a very important part, because it is she who warms our body on colder days.Use it under sweaters or cardigans;

Blazer/wool overcoat-another alternative to leather jacket or trench coat are the heavier wool coats.They are available in various models, just choose the your and use at will;

Shirt-shirts go from station to station.In winter, use them under leather jackets or cardigans and sweaters under;

Riding Boots-footwear extremely important to withstand the cold.Ideal for the more informal looks;

Basic black pumps–to do more sophisticated combinations, especially at night, use the heel in place of boots;

Black sneaker-in the days of pleasant temperatures, the riding boots can stay home, bet on sneakers;

Scarf/scarf/pashmina-to end a good part of these looks and protect the neck, invest in these accessories.