10 Windows Is Already Installed on Most of The 75 Million Devices

Yusuf Mehdi, Vice President of the Microsoft Device division, posted a message on Twitter that indicates that Windows 10 is already installed on more than 75 million devices. The adoption of the new operating system from Microsoft is being notable, and since the first days it was found that its market share would grow much faster than than its predecessor.

This Executive has also indicated that in Windows 10 more apps has been downloaded from the Windows store six times by device which is downloaded with the launch of Windows 8, and has revealed that over 90,000 different PCs models, laptops and tablets have been updated to this version.

Good numbers for an operating system are that in addition to PCs and laptops is already in embedded devices with the Windows Edition 10 for IoT Core. The possibility to take advantage of the free upgrade if users already have a legitimate Windows 7 or higher license has undoubtedly been one of the crucial factors in the speed of adoption.

Microsoft officials already reported to expect that Windows 10 is installed at 1,000 million devices in 2018, and to achieve this challenge since then have the two final editions available right now, but also with the expected Windows Mobile 10 for and even editing for the Xbox One that will make that this system has a presence the widest possible market.