10 Windows Has More Share Market in a Week That Windows 8 Accomplished in Five Months

Windows 10 release on July 29 has been quite an event in the segment of PCs and laptops, and arguments as new policies of Microsoft to offer a free upgrade for those who have a valid license of Windows 7 or higher – has made that its adoption should be much faster than than its predecessor.

According to data from Statcounter Global Stats, Windows 10 had last Wednesday with a 3.2% share globally, a truly remarkable figure for an operating system that just debuted in the market. With the adoption of Windows 8 comparisons are inevitable: in their first months of availability that operating system had a 3.17% share according to NetApplications.

Obviously Windows 10 has this fundamental advantage of free update that has made that many users decide to try it it is possible to return to the previous version of Windows, thanks to the restoration of the system-tools, but is that also the jump and change to Windows 10 from previous versions is much less traumatic.

While users were with the interface bet by screens and touch interface in Windows 8, Windows 10 in return to the concept of traditional desktop with mouse and keyboard-controlled. That and other interesting features – Cortana, the Microsoft Edge browser, Visual improvements and the promise of convergence – have made this adoption will accelerate. and things go more and more in the coming months, we are sure.