10 Tips to Decorate Your Hallway

Good morning! How are you? What so you started the week? I am from last Friday with flu do not we have been able to take pictures, or anything of what we had in mind, but still I wanted to pass me here and I happened to do it with one of those post of decoration that you both like.

And I can’t think of anything better to talk about furniture entrance and receivers for decorating your home. Fran and I are mulling over How to decorate our small Hall. We have a space quite small, also happens with the rest of the House – as you have seen many times in the blog-, but have wanted to have a nice space saying when opening the door screaming that we have come to our House, that reflects our personality.

But as always, before we buy things, we’ve researched on the internet a few tips and ideas for decorating the Hall and we have compiled a few pictures that catch enough inspiration and he didn’t want to stop sharing with you, since we are sure that you will be useful. As you already know I love Jillian Harrris, and your blog was the first site where I have looked for a little inspiration

In my opinion, the first thing we have to think when it comes to decorate our hallway is what are the basic and essential elements for us. In my case I like to have a place where to leave the bag, House and car keys, coats and letters…

1 choose a beautiful console, and give a touch of style to your receiver.

Consoles are furnishings that are very light for this area of the House and that they perform perfectly your decorating and function provide an area where to drop some things when we get home, as the keys and the letters. My favorite are the ones with also some drawer where to leave things without that remain in view.

In addition, if you have very little site, glass consoles can be a wonderful option for this area. They have the same functionality, but optically removes less space than the others.

  1. If you need to store, a chest of drawers will be your best choice.If you are lucky enough to have ample space in the Hall, a beautiful chest of drawers or a sideboard can be a great alternative because we will have enough additional space where to save things.

    In this sense, a very interesting option and used a lot nowadays, is to use a nice shoe or even a cabinet mirror that because I spoke here. The latter will give us the same extra space to store and organize our things, but giving a greater feeling of spaciousness thanks to the reflection of light causing the mirrors.

  2. do not you overload your receiver, sometimes less is more…It is very important to put furniture beautiful, but if we have a small hall filled with massive furniture, we will be getting the opposite effect to which you wish, which is the furniture to decorate the space and make it functional.

    Therefore, if you have very little space, you do not insist to furniture that will make the stay very overwhelming. Place a shelf and you’ll have the space you need to give a touch and can make things when you get home, you can also place any basket, mirror box or any other decorative element. A beautiful coat rack will also be a good choice if the space you have is very small, there are many types.

4 give an extra functionality with the help of a bank.

Place a nice Bank to give a very special touch to your receiver. If you’re a person who like removed and put shoes just entering or leaving your home, a bank can certainly be the best option. Just have 40 cm of depth to be able to sit comfortably and without that remove us plenty of space. You can place a few beautiful cushions, a blanket, a basket and create a unique and personal space.

5 choose soft colors and clear.

If you have a small receiver, choose colors from clear and soft tones. This will allow the natural light is distributed in a better way, and at the same time you will get a feeling of greater amplitude.

6 select the appropriate furniture size.

Make sure that there is enough space in step with the furniture you have chosen, as a general rule, checks the distance between furniture or furniture and wall to leave a space of at least 90 cm. Many times we see in magazines of decoration precious receivers, with dream furniture, but when it comes to putting them in our House, they eat all our space. It is important to be aware of the space that we have and adjust to it, in this way we will achieve a perfect balance in our hallway.

7 mirrors, a must have in decoration.

I have spoken many times of it useful that the mirrors are in the decoration of our homes. Put a mirror on your entrance hall and get more light and spaciousness. In addition, without forgetting functionality… who don’t like take a last vistacito before leaving home?

8 create a beautiful composition to give style and reflect your personality.

As in the rest of our House, it is important to not forget to express our personality. And therefore it is not necessary to load the space of decorative elements, 3 or 4 things will be sufficient. Some beautiful lamps, vases, a clock, a PIN, a lantern… what you can think! But remember, sometimes less is more.

9 breathe new life to your receiver with a beautiful flower arrangement.

Flowers and plants of life fill the spaces where we put them. In addition are a wonderful decorative element with which we can provide precious touch of color.

A good choice if you don’t want to spend lots of money is to decorate with dried flowers, there are many types. They have many advantages, they will last for a lot time, no need to water them, and do not require any type of care, rather than remove the branches that have fallen off.

10 be faithful to the same decorative style.

It is very important that the receiver maintains the same decorative style which we are using in the rest of the House. It is the first thing you see upon entering our House and it is be a small preview of what will be after. Decorate it to keeping the style of the rest of the House, and get all the rooms are connected in a harmonic way.

At first, it may seem easy to decorate the Hall, but when we get to it, it is important to follow some tips and tricks like that I give up so that it does not become a mission impossible. We have for example, the problem that we have a built-in wardrobe right next where we want to mount the receiver and that very much limits the depth that we have to put a shelf or console and we are much looking here and there, without haste, until demos with the piece perfect for us. But at the moment we have already selected a few on the web Menamobel that have enchanted us.

This decoration, makes Fran grace so the search sometimes is a bit complicated, since it is important to find a piece of furniture that you like both of them. But what I said, little by little, and looking everywhere are finding things. I promise to show you my receiver when you have it.

A kiss.


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