10 Phrases for Dressing up

At least once in life you definitely happen to utter one of those phrases front of the cabinet. The first alarm signal? Talk with clothes, hoping that answer you.

  1. I have nothing to wear.
  2. It must have shrunk. It’s not you that you expanded. No no, not at all… When in doubt, blame it to the washing machine.
  3. Where I am finished my flowery dress? Out loud, impatient, waiting for me to answer the closet or shake the hanger where it hung the dress. On second thought it would be a very interesting feature for a home automation wardrobe, you should offer it to Apple!
  4. Come out and fight, damn moth! When you find a hole in your cashmere sweater. Followed by insults, death threats addressed to the insect, screams and tears.
  5. Do not tell me you missed a button! Obviously you have no desire to rummage in your sewing box, among millions of buttons to find the right button for your shirt. So you end up not put it any more.
  6. When ever I bought this skirt with sequins? Dunno, maybe she bought herself and snuck in your closet at night, under cover of darkness. It’s possible.
  7. And you where you come from? When you forget that he bought a dress hanging in the closet and find yourself still with the price tag attached. Speak directly to him, with a tone of surprise mixed with reproach, as if it were his fault that you took forgotten.
  8. Do I have to buy the rollo to remove lint. When half of your clothes are covered with cat hair.You always say that, and you never do.
  9. I need a pair of shoes that go well with this dress. We always need a new pair of shoes, baby!
  10. Who got me the leather jacket? Huh? Ridatemela! ontacting with your roommates and/or the females in your family. By the way, remember to return to your sister the clutch you’ve borrowed without telling her, before she knew it.