10 Mini Clean Up Projects

1st floor clean up

The Hall is the place where we drop everything, when we get home. Shoes, bags, jackets, key and the post-everything ends up where we are now. Take 10 minutes of your time to clean everything up and best equal to fixed locations, consider which things belong. If you it after coming home always right there to place, you will save this task in the future.

2 fresh take bed

Just a word: bed mites. If you imagine what crawls everything by your bed for at least two weeks, you will agree with, that these 10 minutes are very well spent. Happy old bedding down, new bedding on it – and already for the evening if you you fold in the clean bed linen. By the way: so you should really change your indoor bedding set often.

3. linen remove

You know that: laundry hangs on the stand and taking that down, you just want to put on easily. Stop it! Pick up the laundry, put it together and she clean in the wardrobe. You’ll see: without the dryer you got suddenly so much space in your apartment.

4. clean dishes put away

Rinse and drain: some of your cups have guaranteed no longer seen the inside of a Cabinet. Finally give them a home and clean it from the drainer in place. So they not dusting a and you do even just some good friends. Did you know that a clean kitchen can help you with weight loss, for example?

5. drawers sort out

Already the thought of everything, forget in drawers and cabinets slumbers, caused you discomfort? Then give them piece by piece. Always one, if you even just 10 minutes time. See through, sort out and clean up-and close again without having a bad conscience.

Sort 6 post

Letters, magazines, catalogues: Most of the things that fluttered get in the House, first time unread land on the hallway table. Roughly presorted then collects it in any corner of your apartment and is waiting to be reviewed and edited. If you again make the stack’s, if you have 10 minutes time, he is not too large.

7. the closet clean up

There are always a few parts, you’ve ever purchased and that since then eking shadows on your garment racks. Depends maybe even the price tag still on it? Your closet regularly looking after these shopping bodies go through and put it in small bursts at the girl flea market or at the dress circle. So can you make space for new and make others happy. By the way: If you upside hang the hanger on the rod after washing the clothes, you can see always at a glance which parts you long not carried. Then, it is only a handle to clean up.

8 cosmetic sort out

The shelves and cabinets in your bathroom go for just friends and check which shampoos, shower and bath products you simply can’t use. Or did you even get free creams, you never used or eye shadow, which simply doesn’t suit you? You can all get away-and create not only more air in your bathroom, but also give space for new beauty favorites.

9 wash blankets and pillows

Just go through your House and collect everything, what you did much to no longer wash: the blankie off the couch, the Bathmat on the front of the shower, the pillow from the couch, the seat cushions of the kitchen chairs, hand towels, rags and everything, what else in the hands of POPs. Then, your washing machine does the rest. Clean pillows and blankets namely ushering the cuddly autumn time.

10. the fridge sort out

It is true: the larger the refrigerator, the more food can in the rear ceiling forget is reading out. Take your time, regularly a few minutes to look through the fridge and everything to throw away, what is really expired and is no longer edible. On this occasion you can wipe out also with the refrigerator shelves. And don’t forget the freezer! If you have time even 15 minutes, give even stock cabinets and Spice shelves.

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