10-Foldig Difference of Antenna Quality in Mobile Phones

Great comparison of 22 popular handsets reveals huge difference between top and bottom.

Aalborg University has compared the aerial quality in 22 of Denmark’s most popular mobile phones for Erhverstyrelsen. In this study there has proved to be a huge difference on the test dukser and dumpers.

Erhvervstyrelsens mobile map coverage has at the same time mapped to 2 g-community network (GSM900) provides ever-the best coverage-so a high score here ensures the best coverage.

On the other hand, you look at 3 g coverage (UMTS900 and UMTS2100) draws a different picture, and here you can see other mobile phones take the lead.

Below you will find the results from the study. That is worthy of note that the scale is logarithmic so a poll on URf.eks. 98 dBm is ten times higher than 88 dBm.