10 Commandments of Beauty for Summer

The temperature is already approaching the House of 30ºc and you’re not worrying about your skin, hair and body? So be careful. Separated a few taps to be beautiful and healthy in the hottest season of writing just because summer is coming that you must take care of your skin and hair. But […]

The temperature is already approaching the House of 30ºc and you’re not worrying about your skin, hair and body? So be careful. Separated a few taps to be beautiful and healthy in the hottest season

The Essay

It’s not just because summer is coming that you must take care of your skin and hair. But it is precisely at this time that it is necessary to redouble the attention with your body. To help you in this regard, the dermatologist Cecilia Range, Hagla (RJ) clinic specializes in aesthetic medicine and dietary re-education, teaches the 10 commandments to stay with your impeccable beauty-and without taking risks!

1-Never leave home without sunglasses.

Much more than a fashion accessory, they are true partners in time to protect your eyes from the Sun’s rays. In addition, avoid the contraction movement of the eyes, causing the appearance of Crow’s feet.

Who wears corrective lenses can opt for dimming automatically to get out in the Sun and whiten according to the decrease of the light stimulus. With automatic protection against ultraviolet radiation (UV), they are ideal for day to day.

2-also wear hats.

Prefer the front flap, which help against the action of the Sun’s rays for both the eyes and the skin. And remember: the higher the front flap, the protected area. Currently there are hats with material made with protective factor.

3-Never forget to pass the lipstick.

For the summer, the tip is abusing the lipstick with moisturizing action. Powerful in visual and in care, they prevent the lips stay dry and flaky. Who you prefer, you can choose the versions with FPS, which prevent premature aging of your lips.

4-keep your skin clean, toned and hidratata.

It is important to clean daily the face using specific products for your skin type, to sanitize, Unclog pores, control oiliness and moisturize. The tonic must have the smallest amount of alcohol as possible, being the tonic lotion for dry or normal and astringent for oily and mixed. These products help to re-balance the pH of skin, improve vascularization and eliminate the bacterial flora of the skin surface. The only different to the astringent is beyond all that, he still closes pores. In the end, the hidatate face with specific products.

5-take good care of your hair.

Forget for a while the dryer and flat iron and, if you can, avoid making the same coloring and straightening session, for example. That’s because their wires already will get many aggression of solar rays, in addition of excess seawater and chlorine from the pool. To avoid problems, pass a hair washing and use very hot water. At the end of the shower, apply a leave-in with sunscreen. Every fifteen days, make a moisturizing at home or in the salon to regain the luster and softness of wires.

6-Hydrate yourself inside and out.

Our body needs water to play in exemplary manner the vital functions. Well hydrated, the body works well from head to toe: nails are strong, shiny hair and skin soft. But the skin needs a reinforcement: good body and facial moisturisers prevent dryness and lack of freshness. Drink at least two litres of water a day and never forget to pass moisturizer after bathing. Thermal waters are excellent to rehydrate your face.

7-sleep 8 hours a day.

The beauty sleep does exist. It is not legend. When we sleep well, wake up with body and mind relax, and a face with no signs of dark circles and tired. You want to take full advantage of these benefits Maxima? Then control the anxiety and make every night a list of activities to be carried out the next day, putting the degree of importance and urgency. The schedule is valid because at night while we sleep, our mind works in our favor and organizes the following day. Upon awakening, our intuition tells us that it might be better to reverse some items in the list. And at the end of the day, you will feel better and be able to relax.

8-Remove the cigarette from time of your life.

Just for one reason: he is one of the greatest enemies of beauty. Nicotine contributes to premature aging, leaving the skin opaque and grayish, darker teeth and promotes the appearance of wrinkles around the lips. And as expected, the smoke cause premature aging. According to scientific research, it was found that the smoker features dry and rough skin.

9-pay attention to your hands.

Always exposed to external aggressions (Sun, wind and pollution), the hands can end up winning an appearance aged and dry. So never forget to apply sunscreen on your hands daily. Also, keep your nails always well made and enameled. Another tip is to not remove entirely the cuticle, which is a natural nail protection. Never forget also the hydration. Currently the moisturizing creams for the hands are rich in active principles of high potential, such as urea, silicone, essential fatty acids, associated with the sunscreen.

10-take a few minutes to relax.

Reserve at least one day of the week for a massage, relaxing, lymphatic drainage or reducer. During the movements performed by the massage therapist, take away all thoughts of the mind and focus only on you. Always remember that the negative effects of stress and bad mood affect the beauty of skin and hair. It is the common stress worsen the dermatitis or eczema, causing itching and flaking of the scalp. In acne, increases the number of inflammatory lesions and skin oils. Not all people who manifest on the skin symptoms of stress, but the hair loss, the inflammatory acne, Seborrhea and Lichen Simplex Chronicus may be manifestations of that painting.