Advantage of Stainless Steel Water Bottle

On how many occasions you can use a water bottle? In school trips of your children, or simply to take water at school, in their sporting activities but also for us adults when we do walks, picnics or trekking in the mountains. And as with everything our advice is: “beware!”. More awareness in our shop guarantees the choice of certain subjects for our health and for the environment. And then we’ll explain Why choose a stainless steel water bottle is an ecological choice and safe.

The alternatives that you can find on the market, in addition to the plastic bottles that generate mountains of waste and that can be harmful, are the aluminum water bottles and steel.

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Find the Right Sleeping Bag

Temperature determination of the sleeping bag to your data

Important: if you are not familiar with the problems of the new standard EN 13537, please read nejdřívepostupně individual articles in our series Find your sleeping bag:

  • Sleeping bag does not heat but recovered
  • Standards for measuring sleeping bags
  • In the same sleeping bag with everyone else sleeps
  • Find your sleeping bag on pimasleepingbags – conversion metabolism

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How to Choose a Necklace

Give light to the face and embellish, without weighing it down, any look for day or for the evening. Obviously we are talking necklaces, unique accessory and which style will be difficult to do without. Let the green proposals and embellished your outfit by choosing from chokers and turns of exquisite elegance of pearls.

Necklaces, a never-ending story

To attract the attention, to feel like princesses and to illuminate the light reflection face: the necklaces are stylish detail that cannot fail in the toilets of a woman. From the cradle we have “embellished” with chains medal with little habit of vanity when we were still in diapers and since then the necklaces have remained faithful friends and traveling companions. Today we could not do without wholesaleably, because the necklaces are the stylish touch it takes to complete the set office, because capable of giving a touch of elegance even to a soft white shirt. Including necklaces and long necklaces, necklaces and chains vintage multi strand the choice is really wide and it will be impossible not to be seduced by the charm that these masterpieces of jewelry exert on us women.

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Benetton Swimwear Online Shopping

Benetton shows us pictures of his collection of swimwear for the ‘summer 2013 collection of accessories and beachwear to complete each look. The brand specializes in bright and colorful articles, also thinks this year a saucy and playful collection where you will find bikinis to suit all tastes, from those with the triangle, to models with strapless band, to swimsuits offered in uni versions combined, in color block or sparkling prints. No shortage caftans, minidress, flip flops and bags coordinated. But let’s look at Benetton summer proposal more closely.

Summer is almost upon us and costume fitting or not, it is time to equip ourselves with a glamorous bikini to close the suitcase for vacation. We have already had occasion to take a look at a very interesting proposals, such as Golden Point this year has invested in pregnancy swim clothes with mood and romantic chic, or that of Triumph that has not given up on motifs floral print, real mania this year.

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Simple Short Prom Dresses

Simple short prom dresses. The simple dresses are fun because they allow to use accessories of all kinds precisely by its main feature: the simplicity, which makes that you can vary with everything and that you can use with other pieces to make it not look as if you are repeating the clothes too.

Just imagine, if you use a print prom dress with flowers, with a huge collar and a tail of 2 meters, is something that you will never use. If you rather use a simple black dress that gave life with a few fabulous accessories, then is better for your Pocket because can use it several times with a bit of camouflage.

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Celebrity Party Short Dresses

The most famous women in the world are the first to show us the latest trends in fashion, Hollywood is who have a constant showcase of beautiful prom dresses in their big stars. And there is no why deny it, many we look at these models carrying them, to then decide that we are going to wear when we go to a party, a wedding or any important event that we have.


Over time we have given account than a beautiful body is not that slim body, but the more proportioned, with beautiful curves and well well balanced. A sexy woman is nothing more or less than that which your body likes and cherishes it enough, that also respected by Technology-wiki.

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Plus Size Knitted Sweaters

Even our grandmothers knew what was good and what we warmed up. The annual Christmas gift was a warm, hand-knit sweater. Although most of us on this gift, turned their noses up, the sweater was always well knitted and really warm on his chest.

Fall perhaps without warm sweaters can not even imagine. In the morning when we get up for work, a dress shirt and slacks, of course not miss sweater.

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Morellato Versailles Jewelry Collection

Luxury and opulence, these are the hallmarks of the new line of Morellato jewelry, wonderful Morellato Versailles collection, a very impressive collection inspired by the eighteenth century jewelry, Versailles and the most beloved queen of France and discussed of all time, Marie Antoinette. For us children of the 80’s this whole affair is called The Rose of Versailles, the famous cartoon that led us into the midst of the French Revolution, making us see the unbridled luxury up to the storming of the Bastille and the downfall of kings, in short with Morellato Versailles collection we will make a leap into the past, back to the golden age of France.

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The Chic Hats by Philip Treacy

You thought I left them in London and instead hats chic Philip Treacy also arrive on the red carpet at the Met Gala 2011 in New York! Yes, it will be the royal wedding fever, a touch of envy for not being invited but some celebrities are riding the wave of bon ton caps and also come with them to the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum! But who are the stars who choose the Philip Treacy hats? One is the actress Demi Moore the other Serena Williams, who we hope will not leave the sport for fashion!

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The Romantic Case for IPad in Prada Saffiano

Among the gift ideas for Christmas most interesting is certainly the case for iPad Prada, a female model and charming part of the new collection autumn winter 2011 2012. The Prada Saffiano Bow Case for iPad is one of the best cases of ‘year, I really like this model so chic and charming that reflects perfectly the woman of today, always in step with the times, always in a hurry, submerged work but trying to put a little’ sweetness here and there.

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