Meme Be like Bill Becomes Know as Joseph, One of The Games Most Absurd, You’Re Going to See Today

While social networks are filled with “Be Like Bill” memes, a munegote representing the supposedly correct way to behave in various situations, the developer of other great successes as I ate a Salchipapa or cares about your Cani has decided to do so most traditional in know as Joseph.

I know like Joseph are you brought everyday situations, common and not so much, as well as four options about what you think Jose should do. Only one of them is correct, and the other three almost always end up with Joseph starving one way or another. Continue reading

Bohemian Hairstyles

Yesterday began the spring and surely you have a season filled with baptisms, weddings, communions, graduations and all kinds of celebrations in which you are going to have to take care of your look, both the hairstyle and clothing, to go pretty well. If you want to save a few euros, we are going to recommend a few tutorials simple hairstyles style Bohemian you going to result from more useful and you can get yourselves. Continue reading

The Game of Crazy Letters from TheOatmeal, Exploding Kittens, Soon Come to Android

TheOatmeal is the pseudonym with which the cartoonist Mathew Inman has won the hearts of millions of Internet users. Their satirical and outrageous comics try almost anything that will pass through your head, but there are two themes that reappear most frequently: the Velociraptors and cats.

These are the protagonists of several books by the same author as how to know if your cat is planning to kill you, and the next step was naturally create a game. So it was with the help of former employees of Microsoft Elan Lee and Shane Small. Continue reading