Quartz or Automatic Watches?


In most of the cases are somewhat cheaper than the automatic watches quartz watches. The price of the watches of quartz is of 50 euros for above im Preis. Automatic watches are more expensive, but generally also have mechanisms of higher quality.

Gear precision

On this issue, we must say that quartz watches has a minimum deviation. Watches instead fail this precision. What is important is how and where the clocks are kept. It is no coincidence that there are boxes rotor for automatic watches.

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How to Match the White Leggings


The white leggings are a model a bit ‘special to wear. Surely it is suitable for those who have an absolutely perfect body, but for those who at some physical problem such as thicker legs then we must necessarily find the most appropriate solutions. We see in the guide how to match the white leggings.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • Good taste and sense of style!

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Le Coq Sportif Shoes Review

Le Coq Sportif is one of the companies producing sports clothing most appreciated in the world. Despite not having the reputation of brands like Nike and Adidas, his practical style but chic at the same time it continues to enjoy a number of years since its founding, and for certain footwear reminds me a little ‘Britain’s Fred Perry. ‘S autumn winter 2011 2012 Le Coq Sportif proposes one of its historical collections, the’ Arabesque, dedicated entirely to dance. Focused on blue and gray, is a collection glamor for fashion-conscious dancers. Continue reading

Facebook Increases Limit of Updates to 63,206 Characters

In the early times, when the Facebook was powered by coal, the character limit on updates was 420. After he arrived in a thousand characters and for some time that the limit has reached absurd 5000 characters, and anything above that automatically turned “a note” when it was published. Today garrulous users of social network will have reason to celebrate: the limit surpassed the mark of 60,000 characters. Continue reading

Navy Blue Summer Dresses

A fad that comes back every summer and perfect for the holidays, the navy style with its lines and the colors blue, white and red mixed together always creates sophisticated look.

Also in this summer 2014 the navy style characterized by garments and accessories, dominated by blue and white colors and  fancy ribbed is a must to be reckoned with. From clothing to the nail art, the look of a sailor back in fashion albeit reinterpreted every year in a different way.

The navy style is a typical fashion of the hot season: a look of this type makes us immediately think of the days spent at sea and on the Riviera on the shore. Many are the garments and accessories that we can find in the summer collections, but there are brands that have dedicated to style navy a real collection as Blugirl, a capsule collection consists of costumes, mini dresses and tank tops all with striped print in colors white, blue and hints of red. Even Michael Kors offers this season’s trends, but with a refined and elegant mood both for the leaders and for the accessories. Among the big names of Italian fashion, Valentino has made ​​print bags and slippers in navy style to very large rows.

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Killah Shoes New Collection

Killah celebrates Valentine’s Day 2011 with a mini-collection of articles dedicated to love. The lovers ‘feast is celebrated by the brand through the face of the nice doll Kookie, new Cupid recurring of accessories and d’ chiefs clothing , gift ideas perfect, glamorous and romantic especially at the height of the idea of youthful and appealing fashion that Killah has long pursued. If you are still undecided on surprise to surprise your sweetheart, here’s our advice. Continue reading

Site Apple Genius Brazil Offers Online to Answer Questions Live

In the famous shops of Apple around the world has a team of experts ready to answer customer questions. Each of them is called “Genius” (yes, genius in English) and the service takes place in the “Genius Bar”. Here in Brazil there is still no official Apple stores. But to bring that what most Apple experience of sales, the company announced today the arrival of what we call Genius Online. Continue reading

How to Iron a Shirt


Ironing a shirt may seem a rather complex because the neck and cuffs are always under the attention of all, it can be enough a small pressure wrong, wrong for the fold and to point out unsightly errors ironing. To be able to adopt easily the right way to iron a shirt, necessarily you have to start from the table board. Knowing how to iron a shirt flawlessly requires a minimum of experience and desire. Among the domestic knowledge, however, it is certainly not the most complicated, and with a little practice anyone can achieve excellent results. If you do not know how to iron a shirt, but you want to try this work, then follow the tips in this guide to succeed in your venture.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • Shirt
  • Iron and ironing board

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Dog ID Tags for Pets

If your precious pet should never be lost (heaven forbid) first thing in the kind of person who finds it or the shelter where he ends up will verify – is a marker ID – and choosing the right one requires a little more thought, than you might think. Here are some things to consider when deciding on the label pet.

First and foremost, you want a durable label that will last and withstand any terrain or test your pet, put him through letters that will not wear off easily. If this is a well-made label, or thick plastic or metal would have to bear, however, stainless steel is considered to be the longest lasting. Some companies offer guarantees for life.

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