In What They Think Women in 2016? a Viral Video Us Help to Think about It

Pavofrio delicious calm campaign has carved a niche in our hearts in a few days, then It has been able to empathize in an incredible way with concerns and the way of thinking of a generation of women that is a little tired of the pressure from society, have to do it all well and cope with our everyday stress. We have interviewed the creative team responsible for the campaign, Mónica Moro, Raquel Martinez, Jon Lavín, Lorena Älvarez and Héctor Losa of the Agency McCann Erickson, to learn more about the studies of conciliation that inspired it and on that message are intended to convey to society. Continue reading

Of The Hiperresponsabilidad Syndrome: What It Is and How to Fight It

I have to finish this project before my colleagues. I have to go this weekend at my parents House. I have to recover today one hour in the gym. I have to take the kids to piano. I have to buy Laura’s birthday gift. I have to planning summer vacation. I have to do it all right. I have… I have… I have that… Continue reading

China Needs Urgent Dose of Feminism and Not The Prohibition of Eating Bananas

I always wanted to work for “The World Today” to invent the titles of his publications, but I have little grace for that. But the news of these weeks does not need a funny title, already by itself it seems impossible (but, unfortunately, it is not): in China have banned women burn and post the videos in which they eat bananas with a seductive face. Looks that see the women eating bananas seriously harms the morale of society. Continue reading

Don’t Be Afraid of Failing. It Is Better Than What You Really Think.

For some time, in the business world, come claiming the positive consequences of the failure. Yes, the failure can be one experience from which to learn. And we mean not only the professional failure. In our personal lives, at times, a failure may be the exact point of inflection We need to retake the reins. Continue reading

The Dangers of The Internet and a Few More Drinks (Or Why You Should Block The Mobile If You Drink)

Imagine for a moment: Friday night, are alone in your living room, on TV they don’t miss anything that it worthwhile and already going by the second glass of wine. And then you miss the mobile hand and offer for that sale online this morning didn’t you for that, now you feel how essential. And is that alcohol and shopping online can be a very dangerous cocktail part. Continue reading

Nine Things That Us Gives Shame Buy Have The Age That Have

Maybe that long time has passed since that embarrassing first that you came into a pharmacy to buy an intimate product and now you are already cured / of fear. You are the King or Queen of the personal shopping, you’ve crossed you over one sexshop looking for a toy to give and go in the underground reading the latest erotic book of fashion without problems. But still There are certain things in your shopping list that make you sweat drop fat When you go to the store and would give anything to not have to buy them in person. Continue reading

Seven Phrases Weapons of Women Who Are Seven Lessons of Coaching

Weapons of female film premiered in Spain on March 10, 1989 and we loved the story of overcoming of Tess McGill Secretariat and its impeccable cut jacket costumes. But what has remained at the time the script signed by Kevin Wade and all the pearls of wisdom work containing. Maxims that uff, thank goodness, not passed as the exaggerated shoulder pads and carded hairstyles fashion and that Today they still work. We bring you best seven sentences of female firearms, seven lessons that you can continue in your day to day on the job. Continue reading