Victoria’s Secret Angel Costume Ideas

The Victoria’s Secret Angels are on the starting blocks for the Fashion Show 2016. Some news leaks out and even some design new costumes. Here is what you will prepare to wear the models during the show. You’ll be dazzled by the fireworks!

The highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is coming – the parade will be on November 10 in New York – and even if none of the bigwigs confirmed everyone, absolutely everyone, the details of the show, there is much to learn from these four sketches that were submitted in advance. Continue reading

How to Dress in Purple?

Purple is the color trend of winter wear but how well and with what?Sweater, dress, bag, coat, was selected you clothes and accessories to wear purple all season. But above all, it gives you all the fashion tips to wear each garment as opportunities, your style, in short everything you need to have a look at the top.

The Jacket

Current, trendy and sporty at the same time, this jacket will keep you warm all winter. Its removable hood is very convenient and the two fleece-lined pockets to keep warm your things and why not your hands.

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10 Phrases for Dressing up

At least once in life you definitely happen to utter one of those phrases front of the cabinet. The first alarm signal? Talk with clothes, hoping that answer you.

  1. I have nothing to wear.
  2. It must have shrunk. It’s not you that you expanded. No no, not at all… When in doubt, blame it to the washing machine.
  3. Where I am finished my flowery dress? Out loud, impatient, waiting for me to answer the closet or shake the hanger where it hung the dress. On second thought it would be a very interesting feature for a home automation wardrobe, you should offer it to Apple!
  4. Come out and fight, damn moth! When you find a hole in your cashmere sweater. Followed by insults, death threats addressed to the insect, screams and tears. Continue reading

HOUND Voice Search

Presented in June last year, Hound you have upgraded a few hours ago on iOS and Android entering the much-desired stable phase. For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, remember that Hound comes from colossus SoundHound, one of the most famous applications dedicated to listening and recognition, Shazam style music. The main objective of SoundHound Inc. is to create a system that allows to communicate naturally with PC, using normal sentences and without including any apparent specific command. This project has the name of Hound and, almost 10 years after its origin, appeared in the form of beta on Android and iOS in late spring 2015. Continue reading

From Music to Fashion

Rihanna is one of the queens of the music today, but, you know, we women do not have enough. And ‘why we often try to reinvent themselves and find new ways in which to channel their creativity.

The Barbadian singer has, in fact, decided to associate its name not only to the record companies, the tour and the musical notes, but also throw in the fashion world. After all, she is one of the most followed fashion icons of the moment: from its daily look to those chosen for the video (see BBHMM), to clothing from independent designers worn on the red carpet, Rihanna is always at the forefront in setting the fashions of the moment and it is one of the models that inspires more women around the world.

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How to Dress for Rainy Cold Weather

The rain puts us in crisis if we want to be nice. Here are some little tricks to be beautiful even when the weather is bad!

For many of us the rain is a worry, because it makes it difficult to dress well without dunking ruinously.

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, we have to go to the beach or in the mountains, at work or school, it seems easy to find the right outfit.

But what to wear when it rains? Discover now what are the must-have items for not renouncing to be fashionable even when the weather is bad!

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How to Dress Alternative Fashion

What is alternative fashion? The concept is difficult for some people and understand. After all, everything is different from the other and is not reviewed and how current fashion trend, has an alternative look. Fashionistas define this style as lack of style existing in the fad of the universe. How so? If you are not pop, romantic, modern, casual, social and the like, you fit in alternative fashion.

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Find Overhead Cabinet Home Depote

Cabinets are found in air versions, airline counter and fitting counters.

Service area in activities is successful. The cabinets of the service area appear at the top of the list as the main allies to help you in this task. In addition to the dry cleaners, the parts can be installed in the pantry, in the backyard or on the balcony.

Learn more about the versions of cabinets online, choose the one that best matches your pantry and enjoy taking it to the house right now.

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Unuiga S905, the Desktop with Android 64 Bit Cheaper in the World

Great for home entertainment and gaming thanks to 64-bit processor Amlogic S905 quad-core Cortex-A53 with 5-core GPU Mali-450, this mini-pc with Android is sold at a staggering$ 30 in the version with 16 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM or 45 $ for the 32 GB version and well 2 GB of RAM.


Pretty comprehensive, especially in relation to body dimensions, is the part 2 port USB 2.0connectivity composed, micro SD slot, 2.0 HDMI output, LAN, A/V out and optical output with S/PDIF standard; the capacitive button at the top lets you put the device into standby by pressing short and turn it off with a pressure of 5 seconds. Continue reading