iOS 9-The Update Is Officially

On 08 June 2015, Apple officially presented the operating system update. Many rumors have been confirmed, some new features exceeded our expectations. Overall it can be said: we are very satisfied.

Apple cards

Apple has actually worked on his maps. And actually looking out on the public transport option several times mentioned in advance: Apple maps now has planning options for train, bus, plane and transport.

The offer also as already suspected, currently on Berlin is limited in Germany. Apple promises but continuously to update it and expand.

Already the “nearby” function is a little surprising: are nearby located restaurants, Cafés & co., with her easily appear. -Very handy just in foreign cities!

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20 Must-Have Apps For Your Smartphone

Who owns a smart phone, which would like to have of course useful and fun apps. Apps belong on a Smartphone, like the butter on the bread. They are almost essential.

Download you can, depending on the Smartphone, the app store and Google play. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands of apps, so that is something here for everyone. We introduce you to the most important in our opinion apps for your iPhone or Android Smartphone.

All the apps we now imagine you are free of charge. To use some one must put on but partially a paid account. There are all the apps for the iPhone and Android devices.

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Battle of The Flagships-Smartphone is The Best?

The year 2015 is the half already temporarily and the big manufacturers have presented up to Apple, all their flagships. Among these smartphones is now to decide which best cuts off and takes the Android Crown.

In the Android world, some manufacturers have prevailed and are launching a new top model out each year. All these manufacturers are located in the East Asian region and are well known. We will show you but who wins the Android Crown for himself. Are among the manufacturers LG and Samsung from South Korea, HTC of Taiwan, Sony of Japan and Huawei represents China. While HTC and Sony more have improved only the inner values, was used at the Samsung on a completely new design. Huawei perfected its design and also LG goes one step further and offers fine leather back. Let’s come to the individual disciplines.

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Apple Music Is Here!

Apple beats music, including the corresponding streaming service bought in may 2014. Well, after about a year, Apple has in the context of the WWDC 2015, that cat out of the bag approved and shown, they will mingle with like and what features in the streaming industry.

ITunes is Apple’s streaming is “Apple Music”. Users can stream so the huge iTunes library and have so a large (~ 30 million songs) selection. Attractive erweise Siri supports the iPhone/iPadusers in taking forward music wishes: “Play hits from the year 1969″, “Play after the song ‘Man on the Moon'”.

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The Best Smartphones For Little Money

Who wants to plunder not his savings account and sublet his apartment for a month, to be able to afford a new smartphone, which should take a look at the following devices.

That Apple products generally expensive and for most primary reasons status-symbol purchased will likely be noticed now everyone with Internet access. Well known brands such as Samsung pull lately, and no later than with the recently released Galaxy S6, their prices significantly to. Who even so wants to call themselves after a Smartphone purchase as “conditionally impoverished”, should keep this definitely the somewhat lesser-known manufacturers in the eye. But the more common manufacturers partially provide something for a smaller purse.

In this order, we will concentrate the various manufacturers and their Smartphones:

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Samsung Galaxy S6 With Much Data Volume

You want to create you a Samsung Galaxy S6 and know not what contract you need. In addition, want to have her also as much data volume on the move always to be on the road at high speed?We present you the four best contracts.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 triumphs at us in position 1 and applies jointly with the Galaxy S6 edge to the best smartphones on the market. We have selected the best four contracts from various providers for you, which you give much data volume with the Galaxy S6. In addition also, that the time for buying a Galaxy S6 is optimal. Samsung has indeed until the end of the month the buyer of a Galaxy S6/S6 edge with a Samsung Galaxy tab 4, present an action.

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Apple Music vs Spotify: What’s The Difference?

The considered the favorite Streamingdienstanbieter Spotify years under the Streamingdiensten gets from the biggest Digital retailer Apple competition. But how does Apple’s music service? We show you the main differences between the two Streamingdiensten.

The world group Apple 2015 now finally introduced its own music service at WWDC. Apple enters the Streaminggeschäft as the largest distributor of digital entertainment and wants to use such streaming like Spotify under pressure. Apple’s music service comes with similar prices and features. For you, we now present the differences of the two music services.

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Gigaset Wants To Get Into The Smartphone Business

The German educationalists Gigaset, many determined by various people know smart home solutions or from the area of fixed-line telephone. After the former Siemens fixed network Division is 2013 already entered the Tablet market, the entry in the Smartphonewelt could start soon.

Earlier this year it has indicated to be active on the Smartphone market. Well, it could be soon. The first Gigaset Smartphone will come. The CEO Charles Fränkl expressed as follows to do this:

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Nokia: Comeback 2016

The former traditional manufacturer wants to sell smartphones. After you 2013 sold its manufacturing capabilities to Microsoft, it is now looking for a new partner.

Next year, it could reflect Smartphones from Nokia. Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri explains, that is that it will look for “partners” . It will be a similar concept in the current Nokia Tablet: another vendor takes over the manufacturing and Nokia will provide the design and its trademark rights.

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Huawei P8 vs Huawei P8 Lite

In April, Huawei unveiled its new flagship P8. In addition to the P8, there is also a Lite version. Extent to which the two versions differ, we show you here.


The P8 is made from an aluminium unibody. The front is made from Gorilla glass. All in all makes it a very fine impression. Also the keys are made of metal and have a pleasant pressure point. For differentiation, it has provided the power button with a riffle, so that they can more easily distinguished from the volume buttons. At first glance you would don’t know the Lite version from the flagship, because the Lite is only marginally different from his big brother. According to Huawei, the frame is also made of metal. At the rear, Huawei however saved and used plastic, but very firm and also a little more noble than normal plastic acting through its Matt effect.

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